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How To Make Website Customer Experience Unforgettable

Customer experience is described as the quality of an entire consumer encounter with your company’s brand, products and services. According to the Harvard Business Review, a powerful customer experience generates significant results in terms of increased customers, sales and loyalty. Find out more here. How can you make website customer experience unforgettable?

Provide Social Media Support

Social media provides a platform for people to share experiences with family, friends and acquaintances. These people may be your current or potential customers and how you interact them is essential. If you are not yet on social media, do not delay it further because you are losing potential clients.

Social media can make or break your business because it’s considered the minefield of customer experience potential. Customer service professionals should closely monitor it to identify those who need assistance and respond to queries and complaints. Marketing experts should use the channels to enhance awareness on your products and services.

Social media support in the form of an application eliminates manual customer support. This application can provide sentiment analysis as well as monitor customer posts and comments. From this, complaints or compliment can be identified, to which responses are prioritized.

Live Chat Boosts Website Customer Experience

Live chat is one of the easiest ways to communicate with customers and provide immediate response within company website.  It’s a quick customer service channel that addresses customer problems and questions. When customers browse through your website, live chat enables them to contact sales and support teams easily.

According to Software Advice, live chat improves customer experience effectively by resolving customer issues, immediately.  It helps retain customers on the website instead of them going to get the answers they seek elsewhere. Advanced live chat platforms allow for co-browsing and provide contextual information which is beneficial for your business.

It is estimated that by 2022, over 85 percent companies will provide a live chat feature within their website. This is due to increased use of message applications like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. For a unified experience, integrate live chat with other support channels such as email and phone.

Review the Website Content

Your homepage is the first place your customers will interact with your company. Design it to be concise and user-friendly.  Clearly communicate the right message to current and potential customers. They should know what you do, why you are in business, your target market and how your product works.

For an enhanced website customer experience, use simple navigation tools. Direct visitors through the website using easy-to-follow buttons. Use icons and images. Make it easy and quick for customer to contact you, view products, and learn more about your company or you might lose them.

Ensure the content on your website is personalized to your customer needs and interests. Offer testimonials and case studies from other customers who have used your product. Personalize the website so that it’s useful to the customer. This will boost your customer experience.

The website customer experience should focus on how your company can be useful to the customer. An improved experience will increase loyalty, boost sales and attract more customers.