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Healthy Work Habits You Should Adopt

Healthy Work Habits

Good health habits shouldn’t just be for the home; they are meant for everywhere including your workplace. So, when you leave for work every day, remember to take your good health habits with you.

It’s important to remember that you spend more time at work than at any other place, and the choices and decisions you make there will determine your overall quality of life. Here are some healthy work habits that will boost your work performance and lead to better health.

Work Standing Up for Some Time

If you work at a desk with a computer, there is no rule that says you have to sit and work from the start to when you close. Sitting for too long all the time can lead to back pain and a host of other related health issues. And sedentary lifestyle comes with dire consequences – it will affect your productivity and it puts you at a higher risk of heart disease.

So, to prevent back pain at work and increase your productivity, make sure you stand and walk around at regular intervals. Ideally, you want to be out of your chair at least every 30 minutes.

Keep a Healthy Snack at Your Desk

Keeping fresh fruits and some sliced vegetables at your desk ensures that you eat healthily and replenish your energy. Some fruits contain a lot of natural sugar your brain needs. This is far better than spiking your body with the unhealthy junk food offered in most office vending machines. There are all kinds of healthy snacks you can eat at your desk. You are not just limited to crisps and chocolate.

Drink a Lot of Water

Your body needs rehydrated as you work, so ensure you are getting enough water throughout the day. Working for long hours without taking water can lead to dehydration, fatigue, and the inability to focus. To get into the habit, keep bottles of water where you can see them all the time. This will make you more inclined to have a drink. You don’t have to gulp a whole bottle at a go, a little sip now and then will go a long way.

Take Short Breaks

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With targets to meet, many of us find it difficult to take breaks. The irony is that working for long hours without a break will affect your performance. Overworking will make you less productive in the long term, and will make it more likely for you to miss sales targets, etc. Taking short breaks to stand up and stretch yourself can do wonders to your productivity.

If your work requires working with a computer monitor, a short break can relieve you of eye strain. It can also reduce tension in your neck. When you return from a short break, it’s not uncommon to feel refreshed, more focused, and energised.

Get Some Fresh Air

Working in the same enclosure for long hours is not healthy. To increase your productivity, develop the habit of taking short breaks to get fresh air outside. It will uplift your mood, relieve you of stress, and increase your energy, which is what you need to do your work effectively and efficiently.


Healthy work habits lead to better performance at work and better health. It’s not easy to adopt a new habit, so you will need to discipline yourself. Visualise what you need to do, schedule it into your day, set reminders, and keep going at it even if you don’t feel like doing them. Remember, you can’t work if you are not healthy, so picking up these good habits is vital.

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