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Business Signage: How to Leverage a Critical Marketing Asset

Set on Rose Street, the Robert Graham Cigar and Whisky store is definitely worth checking out. That said, their humidor was badly underhumidified (40%) when we visited

Brick and mortar businesses are very much alive, but potential customers need to know they exist to patronize them. That means investing in attractive, informative signage. Business owners should consider that 85 percent of the typical small company’s customers work or live within a five-mile radius. It’s also worth noting that nearly 19 percent of them move from the area annually. That leaves local entrepreneurs scrambling to replace them just to reach the break-even point.

(Image Credit: Sav-On-Signs of Long Beach, CA)

Signs Are an Affordable Investment

If the business wants to do more than just sustain itself, it must find unique ways to attract new customers. Signs, which can include things like car door magnets and window decals, are an inexpensive way to do that. They can also level the playing field for new start-up organizations that can’t afford prime retail or office space just yet. Since these new businesses won’t get the same amount of walk-in traffic as those paying higher rents, a sign directing people to the new venture is the next best thing.

A customizable lawn sign generally costs less than $10. They are durable enough to withstand various weather conditions and look professional as well. It’s important to keep the initial signs directing people to the business as simple as possible. Even if they’re not prepared to visit the store or other type of business right away, they will have an easier time remembering the details when they are ready to check it out. Signs advertising special promotions and events can be more colorful and detailed. Both types of signs should include the logo of the new business. If you already have people making deliveries or house calls, maximize your business exposure with a car sign from HTH, Inc.

It’s All About Building Brand Awareness

A business having 85 percent of its customers and prospective customers within five miles provides a huge opportunity to reach them through Business Signage. In practice, this means those same people drive by the business approximately 50 times every month. A company’s sign should be so memorable that it catches the attention of its customer base every time they pass by, whether on foot or when driving. They should also associate the sign with the company logo they see elsewhere, such as on print advertisements.

Connecting Online and Offline Worlds Via Business Signage

A potential customer who doesn’t have the time to stop and investigate a new shop, restaurant, or service business probably has a few seconds to jot down a website address. This makes a compelling argument for entrepreneurs to include it in every sign. If the sign is in an area that gets heavy foot traffic, including a scannable QR code makes sense as well. Most people carry a smartphone with them and can scan the code in a matter of seconds.

Increase Revenue with Impulse Purchases

Someone short on time who needs a product right away isn’t going to drive around town looking for the best price. He or she will likely stop at the first business establishment with a sign indicating it has the product. Attention-grabbing signs with consistent branding can bring in much more spur-of-the-moment purchases than many entrepreneurs realize.

Business Signage is a company’s guidepost. It tells people what’s inside the building and how to get there. It also makes them feel welcome, which is something that anyone can appreciate.