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6 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage

6 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage
Texas State Library and Archives Commission from Austin, TX, United States, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Signage has been a commercial tool for a long time, and it has evolved through time into a more versatile and powerful form known as digital signage. Interactive displays for businesses give many advantages: they raise the awareness of the brand and build the brand’s visibility. These displays are also used in the offices as they are very practical tools that can provide important information for the clients. Many people also use these signs in the meeting halls to convey the needed information to the audience.

Like its predecessor, digital signage can be used for various purposes, ranging from simple information transmission to displaying video content, integrating custom tools, and more. 

Companies and organizations can also use digital signage for advertising and disseminating information about events or products they want to promote.

This article discusses the applications of the best digital signage and how businesses can benefit from this technology.

Promoting special items and events

Instead of a leaflet or a handout, try using digital signage outside in high-traffic areas, inside workplaces, in retail environments, and more. Digital signage can also be interactive and leverage third-party peripherals to create interactive and eye-catching displays. 

When you use digital signage for marketing, you’ll raise a lot of awareness and expand your company’s reach significantly.

As visual creatures, we tend to regain more information when we perceive it with our senses. According to a study, people are more likely to remember your events or products when they are displayed on eye-catching digital screens than flyers or board signs.  

So, the next time you need to promote your company’s discount sales, a slashed price, or a new stock item, a digital sign is the most effective method.

Host public awareness campaigns

Consumers are increasingly gravitating toward products that allow them to contribute to society or philanthropic organizations. 

Participating in these outreach programs with your firm can be beneficial in attracting new customers.

What better method to reach out to this audience than with well-designed digital signage? 

You can highlight your organization’s participation in charity or non-profit initiatives, which can appeal to the masses’ hearts. This is a surefire approach to distinguish your goods from your competitors.

Entertain your visitors

Garnering the attention of visitors is one thing, but keeping them engaged can prove to be a challenge. However, you can manage the situation by showing them engaging videos, unique offerings, or high-definition imagery. 

Keeping your guests engaged keeps them interested in your business and improves conversion rates. At the end of the day, no one likes waiting, but if you can make the lobby enjoyable, you will significantly improve their attitude and enthusiasm.

You can create fun graphics to accompany engaging content. Using interactive digital signage to display information at a well-timed pace could be very useful in keeping a site visitor engaged. And eventually, this engagement could lead to conversions.

Alert consumers of company changes

Digital signage is a very efficient technique of informing your staff or clients about changes in the business process, displaying secure dashboards, wayfinding, and more.

To effectively promote your items, you must keep your clientele informed. Even minor modifications in your product might result in a surge in sales.

You can also use a digital sign to quickly share information about new products, updates, special offers, and even behind-the-scenes information.

New collaborations and influencer involvements can also be presented via digital signage, which can help drive sales by reaching out to their fan base.

This will readily bridge the gap between a firm and its customers in terms of information.

Digital signage table
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Inform consumers

Keeping your customers informed in the field of your product is a very effective strategy for maintaining good customer relationships

But you don’t have to limit the information to product updates and promos. Spend some time to provide expert insights into your company’s products and services.

You can also use commercial digital signage to put out tutorials and ‘How-to’ videos as a way to establish a personal connection with customers while providing value.

A bit of short advice on how to utilize your items successfully, as well as the “do” and “don’ts,” would be sufficient to improve customers’ trust in your company.

Answer FAQs

Customers frequently ask questions about a product or service before purchasing or after using it. By answering these questions, you can improve the overall customer experience. 

And this is where digital signage comes in: this technology can help you address customer concerns and provide answers to FAQs.

Some of these FAQs should address and provide information about choosing a payment plan or other product-related issues.

Answering these concerns is also critical in piquing a client’s interest; a well-thought-out FAQ could dispel their doubts or give them insights into your product.


Having personalized top digital signage created for your business can help you grow your customer base and relationships in various ways. 

The benefits described above are only a handful of the many that digital signage can perform. Advertisements evolve in tandem with the world’s modernity.

Using digital signage for advertising will offer your company the best options to attract new clients. 

Featured Image from Texas State Library and Archives Commission from Austin, TX, United States, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons