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The 7 Best Companies for Providing Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits
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The 7 Best Companies for Providing Employee Benefits

When candidates are looking for a job, they are more drawn to companies that offer employee benefits. Benefits, such as healthcare coverage, retirement, and education benefits, and commitment to work/life balance, are valuable to candidates and can be hard to find. Below is a list of seven of the best companies that offer good employee benefit programs. 

Employee Benefits
Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

1. Netflix

Netflix is known for its unique employee culture, and generous employee benefits program. Employees receive a comprehensive healthcare benefit, charitable donation matching programs, life insurance, and flexible working hours. Employees of Netflix also receive unlimited paid time off and free food. The theme of the work culture is to work smarter, not harder. New parents also receive one year of paid leave as employees of Netflix. 

2. Salesforce

Salesforce employees receive first-class employee benefits, including comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans, $100 per month wellness reimbursement, and education reimbursement up to $5,250 per year. Other benefits include eight free counseling sessions to manage stress, grief, loss, or anxiety.

3. Spotify

Employees of this streaming music platform have many benefits options, such as flexible public holidays. This lets employees choose to work on holidays they don’t celebrate and use their time for celebrations they observe. Spotify has other benefits, including paying for egg freezing and fertility assistance, after a baby is born or adopted six months of paid leave. New parents get a month of flexible working options to ease them into their return to work. Learn more here on how to promote your Spotify.

4. Motus

The company culture at Motus is about making work life better. Motus offers a generous benefits package. The mobile workforce offers company-sponsored gym memberships, company days of service, and a 401 (k) match. Motus gives out reimbursements for student loans so employees can ease their debt. 

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5. Amazon

Amazon is a large company with thousands of employees, from warehouse workers to engineers. All employees receive a selection of great benefits. Some of the benefits for employees include a company-paid short and long term disability plan and reimbursement of expenses for qualified adoptions up to $5,000. Amazon is big on helping its employees partners too, and they offer a Leave Share program that allows staff to share paid leave with their partners. Employees can also receive Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) from Amazon.com Inc as part of their compensation model.

6. Adobe

Employees of Adobe receive unlimited paid time off, and the option to work from home. Adobe is big on emphasizing employee’s career development. They offer perks beyond healthcare and retirement, such as $10,000 per year for education expenses. They also give employees the option to set aside up to $5,00 for child daycare, and Adobe contributes up to $1,200. 

7. Genentech

Genentech is a biotech company that is well known for its workplace benefits. The company offers employees unlimited paid sick days, shortened work weeks, assistance with tuition up to $10,00, and on-site childcare. It also provides employees excellent healthcare benefits and perks to improve work and life balance, such as on-site car wash, haircut services, and spa treatments. They offer longtime employees that have been with the company for six years or more a six week sabbatical with benefits and full pay. 

How to Get Employee Benefits if You’re an SMB?

A professional employer organization (PEO) is a firm that small or medium-sized businesses can outsource to provide human resource-related services, such as managing payroll and other administrative functions. A PEO company will take the place of an internal human resources department and handle your HR, payroll, and employee benefits. 

How Does a PEO Work?

PEO companies work by subcontracting your employees through a co-employment agreement. The co-employment agreement is a contract between yourself and the PEO company where the PEO shares the employer’s responsibilities. By partnering with a PEO service, your company can leverage the help and services that the PEO company can offer, such as payroll administration, HR support, and tax filing. Visit quick sprout to find the best PEO companies. 

Final Thought

The companies on this list are large corporations that can afford to give their employees comprehensive benefits and other perks. If you’re a start-up, small or medium-sized business, you more then likely aren’t going to be able to give your employees spa days, etc. However, through a partnership with a PEO company, you can gain access to comprehensive health, dental, vision, life insurance benefits, and retirement plan to help attract and retain talented candidates and employees.