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3 Business Ideas For Artistic People

Living life with an artistic flair certainly makes the world more entertaining. You can see beauty and elegance where others cannot, and can craft your own version of perfection with your hands.

Despite these wonders, it’s largely accepted that artistic talent is something that’s nice to have, but you’re unlikely to make your fortune with it. Jobs for artists are incredibly rare, meaning that most artistic people practice their talent as a hobby and nothing more.

However, if you’re an artistic person and someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, there are a few ideas you may want to consider.According to StartUp Mindset, a study found that 82% of companies believe that there is a strong connection between creativity and business results, but only 39% thought that their own company is creative. This is good news for creative people who want to turn their craft into a business. Below are three business ideas that are perfect for the artistically inclined, so if you want to turn your hobby into something that can fund your lifestyle, you may want to read on to find out more…

Graphic Design

We’ll begin with the most obvious option; graphic design is modern art and design all in one, and you don’t need a raft of qualifications to enter this sphere. One of the great things about the arts is that talent counts above all else, so if you can design as well on a computer as you can with a paintbrush in hand, this might be a great choice for you.

Business type: freelancer or agency owner.

What will your days be like? You’ll spend your days liaising with clients, designing a range of projects that could include anything from modern art sculptures to website design banners.

You will need: proficiency with design tools and software, an ability to market yourself, and the ability to turn work around to schedule.


Modern technology has made engraving businesses easier to run than ever, and there’s still plenty of demand for engraved items, so there’s plenty to be gained from investigating this option.

Business type: freelancer or agency owner

What will your days be like? You’ll spend your days dealing with custom requests, talking with the general public and business customers to specify orders.

You will need: an investment in the right gear such as a BOSS laser cutter and the time to learn how to use it effectively, as well as a high degree of accuracy– when something is engraved, there are no do-overs, so you have to be confident of producing the right work every time.

Wall art producer

Wall art has experienced a serious upswing in interest over recent years, with customizable choices eternally popular and a focus on unique designs rather than mass-produced items. Sites such as Etsy make it possible to produce wall art of varying types and sell to interested clients around the world.

Business type: freelance; running an agency is less likely.

What will your days be like? You can choose between producing wall art (either digitally or using paint, pencil, and other “real” drawing mediums) to commissions, or creating your own ideas and then listing them for sale.

You will need: good photography so you can show your skills to their best advantage online, and new ideas for popular wall art types — such as typographic art — is always beneficial.

In conclusion

While the days of artists enjoying the sponsorship of a patron are long past, the above ideas prove that with a little business nous and a lot of talent, there’s still money to be made from your artistic skills.