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Boss Asking You to Relocate? Here Are Some Considerations

There comes a point in your career where you might be asked to transfer to a new location. Your boss will call you in, sit you down, and ask you to transfer to a new location for the sake of the business. Now, depending on your relationship with your job and more specifically your boss, this could be an upgrade or a promotion, or it could be a downgrade.

It’s important to think carefully about what you’re going to say in the next few minutes because it could affect your career in ways you might not expect. To help you make that decision here are a couple of helpful tips to consider.

What is the reason?

Your boss has to have a reason for asking you to relocate. Perhaps the company is opening a new branch and your boss is asking you to oversee the process. Maybe your boss thinks that another branch is understaffed and needs you to help them out. Or perhaps your boss just doesn’t like you and wants to hand you over to another location. The vaguer the reason, the more likely your boss just wants to get rid of you, and unless you have commitments at your current location such as close friends or family, then you might have to fight for your job and insist on staying.

Moving complications


Sometimes, moving can be one of the most difficult things in life. For instance, if you currently have a family that you provide for, then asking them to move with you for the sake of your promotion is going to take a lot of convincing. Not only will your partner have to find a new job, but you’re also forcing your children to make new friends. You’ll also need to hire a removals company, possibly invest in a new home and you’ll need to contact car transport services to get your vehicles moved to another location. If possible, try to negotiate with your boss so that you don’t have to move too far and that you only work at your new location temporarily so you still have time to spend with your family over the weekends or holidays.

Moving could be liberating

If you’re moving for the sake of a promotion and have no strong commitments, then this could be a turning point in your life. If your boss has asked you to help set up a new location, then it could mean that they trust you with a very important task and you could be in for a promotion soon. It also means you can move away from your city if you find it boring and start a new life. You could make new friends, meet new people and possibly even start a new family. With all the new sights and sounds, it’ll be a new chapter in your life that could potentially be the start of something beautiful. If the thought of moving and starting fresh is enticing to you, then you should seriously consider relocating.