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Best Short-Term Rental Classes for Beginners

Best Short Term Rental Classes for Beginners
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The real estate industry is ever-evolving. It may be challenging to keep up with all the latest trends without taking some courses or classes every so often.

However, there’s such a wide selection of classes for real estate investing that you’ll certainly be overwhelmed. It’s always easy to waste money on terrible courses from random YouTube gurus posing as experts to insanely-priced but useless courses on Udemy.

To prevent you from wasting your money and time on classes that teach nothing, I’ll outline some of the best courses you can take to gain sufficient knowledge in short-term rentals. While some of these classes are targeted at beginners only, you can still find some useful ones, regardless of your experience level.

With that out of the way, here are some of the best short-term rental classes for beginners and experienced investors alike.

Short-Term Rental, Long Term Wealth

While this is technically not a short-term rental class, it’s a book by Avery Carl, one of the professors at this short-term rental university, to teach the nitty-gritty of short-term rental investing for beginners and experts alike.

Avery Carl is the founder and CEO of The Short Term Shop, a company that’s into helping investors buy good short-term rental properties.

The Short Term Rental, Long Term Wealth book teaches how to analyze and identify the best markets for investments. You’ll also learn to analyze the profitability of an asset even before buying the property. The best part is that the book only costs $17.99.

The book is available on Amazon for preorder, as it launches on the 16th of November. So far, it has amassed five-star ratings on Amazon, all with perfect 5-star reviews.

Vacation Rental University

Vacation Rental University is an online learning site with various courses on real estate investing. The website has a massive selection of free lessons to entice you to purchase the website’s paid version.

The Vacation Rental University website states that it provides you with the systems, tools, templates, and industry expertise to help your search for success in the vacation rental industry.

Regardless of your experience in real estate investing, you’ll almost certainly find a helpful class in this online university. However, you shouldn’t expect any valuable content for free, just previews that are also highly limited.

STR Certification

The STR certification course was developed by Julie David, an authority in real estate and short-term rental properties. It’s dedicated to educating property managers and professionals on the best practices of the short-term rental industry.

The course was born to correct the trend of investors learning from poor webinars made by individuals with no actual knowledge of real estate investing themselves.

This course is widely taught in universities and other institutions that teach real estate investment. You also get a certification seal to show you are a qualified professional trained to work with the industry’s best practices.

With the course seeing overwhelmingly positive reviews, no doubt that it’s one of the short-term rental classes to learn in the decade.

STR Profit Academy

This class is primarily for beginners trying to make an entry into the short-term rental industry for profit. It’s an easy-to-follow course that breaks down the most complicated topics in real estate into easily digestible pieces.

The Short Term Rentals Profit Academy course is greatly loved by students and former students, with many calling it a blessing compared to other courses they’ve taken while learning about Short Term Rentals.

Jasper Ribbers and Eric Moeller prepared the course. Jasper is an Airbnb investment expert, and he has been renting out Airbnb properties since 2012. Eric Moeller hosts the Airbnb Mastery Summit, and he has been investing in real estate properties since he was 19.

BNB Mastery Program

When James Steve created the BNB mastery program, his main goal was to educate beginners on managing other people’s properties on Airbnb to earn a steady income, even without getting involved in rentals, purchases, or furnishing any property.

This Airbnb coaching class lasts for six weeks, and students have taken it from over ten countries. Over the years, it has accumulated 5-star reviews due to the effectiveness of the strategies taught in the class. When you take the course, you’ll also receive support tools to help you complete and implement the techniques taught.

If you’re wondering how much it costs to take this course, you’re in for a surprise. James Steve hasn’t found any reason to charge for the BNB Mastery Program despite its reach. You may want to sign up as soon as possible, as there are no assurances that it’ll stay free.

The Short-Term Rental Lab

Alisha Arnold started the short-term rental lab to impart the knowledge of the day-to-day running of a short-term rental business to beginners.

The class aims to walk you through the processes of setting up your short-term rental operations, analyzing the investment properties on the market, and estimating the profitability of an investment property.

There are three modules in the course, all of which you only get if you pay. The course is best for absolute beginners, but experienced investors can also learn a thing or two about managing their short-term rental properties. 


Udemy isn’t a specific short-term rental course if you don’t know this website already. Instead, it’s an aggregate of many lectures by different creators on any topic you can think of, short-term rentals included.

With the sheer quantity of courses available on Udemy, it’s easy to get lost. It’s recommended to choose an Udemy course by a professional investor running a known short-term rental management company.


There’s an abundance of short-term rental classes available on the Internet today, but good ones are pretty scarce. It’s quite saddening that most people creating courses in short-term investment have no experience with property rental management themselves.

This post hopes to counter that. Here, I’ve listed classes prepared by the best in the industry for some of the most affordable prices to get you started on short-term rentals.

If you’d rather read a book than sit through hours of an online class, Avery Carl’s Short Term Rental, Long Term Wealth is the top recommendation.

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