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Top Best Casinos In The World

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When it comes to online gambling, some casinos are better than other, but one thing is certain: most of them (if not all) praise themselves with over the top bonuses and free gambling. If we are to take a look into this world of promised gains, some such casinos are more popular with gamblers, and some, namely the online casinos, allow more interesting solutions, such as bitcoin gambling. Let’s, first, explore the concrete world of gambling, and not the virtual one.

Place your bets

Traditionally, when you think about betting, you think about Las Vegas, USA. Here are some of the greatest casinos in the world, with gamblers from all over the Planet coming to explore this wonder world, seeking for rush, adrenaline and good fortune. This starting point of the big, flashy betting industry is home of some of the most famous casinos, such as MGM Grand Casino or Bellagio (both owned by MGM Resort International). The first housed by the third biggest hotel in the world, and has an impressive 5,300 square meters or 171,000 square feet. Over 2,500 slot machines offer the possibility to bet from 1 USD, up to 1,000 USD, and the potential winnings are in the neighborhood of 500,000 USD. Other almost 200 card and table games are available in this casino. In its turn, Bellagio offers winnings of 1,000,000 USD, because it allows high bets of up to 8,000 USD.

But not only Nevada is home of some of the best casinos in the world. The gambling industry profitability reached China, as well, with its Venetian Macao spreading on over 160,000 square meters or 550,000 square feet and about 3,000 slot machines. The players can pick any of the 870 card and table games and can sleep in one of the 3,000 rooms of the hotel. Europe is home of a rather popular casino, as well, Casino Lisboa, in Portugal, spreading on over 5,000 square meters, or 175,000 square feet, and holding over 1,000 slot machines and 26 card and table games.


Bitcoin casinos, the new gambling offers

If you would rather play in the comfort of your home, you can choose an online casino. And, to keep in touch with the new and innovative solutions, take a look at the newest thing in this field – bitcoin gambling. It offers users the certainty of anonymity, thanks to the very nature of the cryptocurrency. Another innovation in the field of online gambling comes, again, from the bitcoin, Namely, the “provably fair”. This is an algorithm that allows for the online casinos to be verified in terms of fairness of the operator. The possibility to move bitcoins more or less instantly, allowed for online casinos that accept bitcoins to offer users an instant deposit and cash in solution. Thus, bitcoin casinos, such as bitcasino.io, allow you to bet on sports, play the casino with the usual games and features offered by any other online casino. They also offer a storage solution for bitcoins, all being kept offline in cold storage with split keys.

When it comes to making money online, while being rather volatile in terms of potential games, online casinos seem to be quite popular thanks to the huge winnings they have to offer. Some of them have more innovative solutions than others. But since all is online, the possibility to highjack the money is not slim. Therefore, the new money that entered the virtual market, namely the cryptocurrencies, can be a good solution to continue betting, while your earnings and deposits are safe.

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