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To Avoid Getting Scammed Recognize The Insidious Scams Of Mattress Retailers

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Purchasing a mattress is not an easy task, as it involves considering a number of factors. Not all the retailers sell genuine products, and many others even sell duplicates of branded products. They generally lure the customers by offering unbelievable discounts. Thus, people get easily attracted to such offers, because they feel that they are great deals at low price but are actually scams of mattress retailers.

Due to these reasons, you have to be cautious while purchasing a mattress. You can improve chances of getting genuine mattresses with the information mentioned below. Here are a few examples of scams that often occur in mattress industry. It will help you avoid getting swindled or cheated while making your purchases.


Scam with brand names

This is an oldest type of scam going on for years and years. While all the mattresses with different brand names are manufactured at the same place. However, they will be dispatched with specific brand names to the retailers.

Before purchasing, compare the product that you like with other brands. Look for material used, guarantee, discounts, durability, size, etc. A thorough analysis will ensure that you buy the best product to suit your needs.

Mysterious Components Scam

Now you know what exactly the brand scam is, and you will be alert while purchasing your mattress. However, what about the inner components such as number of layers, coils, quality of foam etc. used to manufacture a bed?

Therefore, it is recommended that you research well about the type of foam used, its durability, guarantee, etc. Only if you are convinced with the information you gather, you go ahead with the purchase. You must remember that buying a bed is a valuable investment, so be patient and take enough time out for it.


Comfort scam

After gathering complete information about design and manufacturing of mattress, the next step is test it by lying down on it to make sure whether it is comfortable or not. Ideally, retailers do not deliver the same mattress that you have checked for comfort at the store and the quality may differ due to many reasons.

Generally, for the sake of customers’ comfort, manufacturers design top layers using materials like cotton batting, foam etc, which are of top quality. These are replaced with cheap materials and sold at high price by the retailers.

This way the retailers are gaining huge profit with low investment. As the layering technique is same and only the material is different, you cannot feel much difference between both when at store. However, after sometime, the cheap quality layers start getting damaged.

Some mattresses become softer or harder in different temperatures. Thus, buy a mattress depending on the temperature of the place where you are located.


For more detailed information about the beds and their types, you could visit sleepjunkie.org. They often update latest information about mattress, which can help their customers buy the best product in the market.

– Verify the track record of the dealer and choose a well reputed one that gives good information on the product.

– Before making decision ask the mattress dealer for a trial so that you can make sure of the mattress quality by using it for few days.

– Purchase mattress from your local retailer, in case there is any physical damage while delivering it you can contact the store directly and get it replaced. You can also gather information about a dealer in your area easily from local directories, friends etc.

– Don’t rely on advertisements gather information from personal experiences.

A good sleep is essential to maintain good health. So never compromise with the choices you make, and try to get a premium bed.