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What’s the Best Way to Ask a Girl Out on a Date?

Ask a Girl Out
Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

What’s the Best Way to Ask a Girl Out on a Date?

When you’re struggling to ask a girl out or keep getting rejected, you may feel hopeless and unwanted. But dating, in general, is challenging for most people. It’s hard enough to get yourself out of the house on a first date, much less having to be the one who asks.

Ask a Girl Out
Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

But fear not — there are always ways to improve. These tips will help you ask out girls successfully.

Be genuine

Women are generally hit on way more than men. Remember that. This means that women might be a little more selective and defensive when someone is asking them out. They can spot bad motives and phoniness from a mile away.

Whatever you do and whatever you say, make sure it’s genuine. Don’t just try to sound genuine. What are you after? A nice dinner and conversation? A hookup? Make it clear, and don’t lie about your motives.

Keep it simple: “I’d like to get to know you better. Want to grab dinner sometime?”

Avoid offensive comments

Some men try to woo women with jokes. This may work for some if they’re tasteful, but those tactics can quickly turn into an offensive comment coming out that will push women away fast.

Make sure when you’re asking someone out that you’re polite, even if you want to create a little mystery. Don’t play games and never insult the person, even if you’re only kidding. This can be more of a challenge if your friends are around, so be mindful of the impression you’re putting out there.

Show a real interest in her.

When you’re asking a girl out, it’s crucial that you show interest in her, and not just girls in general. If it’s clear to her that you’re just desperately seeking a date, and haven’t shown that you care if it’s her or someone else, she probably won’t go for it.

Make your potential date feel unique. Tell her she caught your eye, or you thought something she said was funny or witty. Show her that you’ve singled her out and would like to spend more time with her.

Ask out women you feel a connection with

On a similar point, avoid asking out anyone and everyone. It will be much harder to be genuine if you aren’t selective. Make sure you ask out people you could see yourself out on a date with—someone you’ve already experienced a connection with in some way.

Otherwise, it will probably be apparent to the woman that the two of you don’t have anything in common or any reason to see each other again.

Remember, you’re not alone.

It’s hard out there. Remember that millions of single people are trying to do the same thing you are—make connections with other people. Try not to be intimidated when you’re asking someone you like out on a date, and see it as an opportunity to learn something.

That person may feel nervous, too, and knowing that will help you ease your nerves and stay confident. You could even comment on how challenging it can be to date in today’s world to break the ice.

Asking a girl out can be a fun experience if you let it. Don’t take yourself too seriously, but always be genuine and direct. Show a sincere interest in someone when you ask them out, and never say anything insulting or offensive. Ask someone out only when you think you might have a connection with them. And remember, there are lots of other people out there like you, trying to start dating.

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