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Are educated politicians better in governance?

educated politicians

Politics, as one of the most controversial “inventions” of a human, has always been and will be an inalienable sphere of the life of society, in any country of the world. It directly affects many significant processes, including economic, educational, cultural, historical and many others.

It should be noted that, in everyday life, many people consider the concept “politics” as a “negative” phenomenon. Moreover, citizens are sure that the activities connected with politics are dirty and unfair, immoral work.

In many respects, this is due to the fact that power often falls to the hands of uneducated persons who do not have the proper qualification for performing tasks of such a high level. Experience shows that people who have received the education of a political scientist have more chances to become the good politicians.

Features of the profession


There are very few professionals in the ranks of politicians, but certainly, worthy examples still exist. How do they work? The activity of the political scientist has a clear direction. He assesses aspects of the development of the political process in a historical context, takes into account the cultural background, traditions, modern trends.

On the basis of such an analysis, an expert can make an effective assessment of the phenomenon being investigated, and also prepare a forecast for the development of political processes. Such skills allow educated specialists to take the right decisions when they move from theory to practice. Uneducated politicians who cannot boast of high professionalism often become puppets of other people and are unable to understand the laws of the surrounding reality.

Demand for the political scientists

Specialization “political scientist” is quite popular in universities that have a humanitarian bias. But the demand for this profession is still not so great. Many political scientists do not become the politicians. Their place is occupied by less qualified persons, which often leads to unpleasant consequences.

This educational direction is strongly connected with jurisprudence, political economy, philosophy, journalism. According to statistics, there are many people working exactly in the latter sphere with the qualification of a political scientist.

But the problem is that journalists can operate only with the words and do not have a real power influence. They work in the editorial offices of magazines, paper writing services (projects like https://pro-papers.com/essay-paper-writing-service), although these people have enough knowledge to negotiate with foreign ministers and distribute the annual budget of the country. It is quite unfair that their place is occupied by persons coming to politics to organize their own business, to make a profit, and not to care about the fate of the citizens.

The demand for qualified political scientists is very strong on the eve of the election campaigns. They can take part in political marketing, management, consulting, develop various kinds of political technology, conduct research and much more. Naturally, the post of the governor who is entitled to make decisions of public importance is the highest level of professional self-realization for them.

Pros of the education in the field of a political science

Political scientists of the highest echelon work in central government bodies, occupy numerous posts of deputies, their advisers and assistants, write speeches for the top officials of the state or even become ministers, presidents. These people not only study social trends but also make politics on their own. But the circle of specialists of such a high level is very narrow. This is a closed area, where HR managers do not recruit personnel via advertisements in newspapers.

A beginning specialist who has just graduated from a university can work as a journalist, write articles about politics or become an employee of an organization engaged in social surveys. Political scientists are often recruited by the central offices of political parties and their regional representations.

There is a niche in the economic sector for people of this profession: they can work in special agencies as business consultants. Based on the research and forecasts, they give advice to entrepreneurs on where it is worth investing assets.

To start a political path, young people can work in research institutes, beginning with junior posts and gradually climbing the career ladder.

Cons of the profession of a political scientist

advantages of political scientist career

Of course, special education provides many advantages and can become a good starting point on the road to a leadership. But do not expect that you will become the mayor of the city in the first month after the graduation. It is necessary to accept some strict realities and understand that only the strongest individuals win in a political race.

The main shortcoming of the profession of a political scientist is that it is not always possible to convey your opinion to the public, unless you have already occupied a solid post. All newspaper publications and television programs are checked for political correctness by editors and, sometimes, by civil service. Working in any political party, the young specialist is forced to obey its regulations. There are always some obstacles that greatly limit the freedom of action.

Another drawback of this work is the inability to quickly climb the career ladder. After all, the main criterion of a good politician is his wisdom and professional experience, so, almost always, famous figures are people with gray hair.

Political scientists do not work in the crystal clear atmosphere. Sometimes, the advisers of the country’s top leadership are bribed, or they initially come to the high posts with not entirely pure thoughts. Knowledge obtained at the university is not enough to see how a corrupt machine works from the inside. Imagining that life is identical to the textbook, yesterday’s student risks being crushed by a cruel reality.

One of the areas of activity of political scientists is the organization of mass rallies, both pro-government and opposition. These experts, like no one else, are able to come up with catchy slogans and make programs so that as many people as possible respond to it. Such activities can result in mass riots or even a change of power, because this is the case when the one who owns the information owns the world.

As you can see, education does not eliminate all obstacles on the way of the future politician, but it definitely increases his value in the labor market, provides him with a useful knowledge and a systematic approach to solving serious problems. So, if you see yourself in a role of a governor, do not be lazy to build a reliable theoretical background.

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