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Aerial Yoga and Other Unique Exercises for a Healthier Body

“Exercise is boring.” If you’ve ever said or thought those words, you probably have trouble finding a routine that you can stick with, whether to lose weight or just be active. You’re not alone. Less than 5% of adults participate in just 30 minutes of physical activity every day. While this statistic is jarring, it’s jarring in a positive way for you as encouragement to strive for that daily 30 minutes.

Why is physical activity important? In order for your body to process the fats, sugars, and other chemical compounds it consumes, it must do some work.

So what can you do to be more active or to stick to a workout routine? The trick is finding an exercise that’s fun, an exercise that inspires you to wake up earlier each morning or fit time in between work and dinner. It is possible to find that unique exercise that will fit your personality and interests. Below is just a sampling of the many options available to try.

  • Aerial Yoga – If you’ve gone to any gym over the past several years, you’ve probably heard about the aerial yoga trend. But exactly what is it? It’s much like regular yoga, only with a soft, fabric hammock. Each pose is assisted by the fabric that hangs from straps on the ceiling. It’s calming and has been shown to increase flexibility alongside mental focus and muscle endurance. As you progress, you may also be able to pose while completely suspended, and this type of sky dance is what has drawn in so many curious trainees.
  • Fencing – Not many people get the opportunity to fight with a sword. Fencing definitely stands out for the unique exercise factor. Plus, the footwork and lunges especially work the thighs, an area many trainees want to target.
  • Water Volleyball – If you’re looking for more of a team activity to inspire your morning wake-up, water sports are a low-impact way to get your body moving. More specifically, water volleyball is high-energy and strengthens your muscles as they work against the natural resistance provided by the water..
  • Bellydancing – Believe it or not, dancing in general is one of the fastest ways to burn calories and shed inches. That’s why Zumba® is such a huge trend. It’s musical, fun, and effective. But Zumba® isn’t the only option when it comes to dancing. In fact, bellydancing has been shown to tone the abs, arm, and calf muscle groups with more intensity. And its exotic music and cultural background is a great conversation-starter!



A healthier body starts with you. You need the motivation to start and continue a workout plan that will keep you active at least 30 minutes three times each week. Ideally, you might be inspired to be active every day!

Finding the right exercise program might mean trying a few of these unique options or others you find in your community. Call local gyms to see what classes they offer. Sign up for your town or neighborhood newsletter. Walk the halls of a public education building. What are you waiting for? A unique physical exercise could change your life.

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