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Lesser Known Icons Around the World you have to Visit

Thinking of new places to add to your travel bucket list? Keep on reading and we will recommend some of the icons that you might want to see. You may not have heard of some of these, but once you know what they can offer, you’ll want to visit them.

Milford Sound

Located in New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park, it has a natural beauty that will surely stun its visitors. This awe-inspiring destination offers a wide array of activities for everyone. For sure, you will be taking endless photos, eager to show everyone how beautiful the place is. You can take a scenic tour, hike up the mountains, take a cruise, or try kayaking. You can also choose to drive on your own and explore the place at your own pace.


Located in Lebanon, this is a small town that is backed with a rich history. The most popular attraction here is the temple complex, which is situated on the top of a valley. It is known for having the world’s largest stone block construction. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which makes it a more popular attraction, especially amongst history buffs.

Loch Lomond


This is one of the best reasons to include Scotland in the list of places to visit in your lifetime. With snow-capped mountains and woods, this is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. More than just the natural landscape, there are also plenty of places that can be explored to learn the rich history of the area. Cruising along the waters is perhaps the best activity that can be enjoyed. It is a relaxing way to savour a stunning view. If you are going to Loch Lomond with a group of people, make it really special by staying in a luxurious holiday home together.


This is another UNSECO World Heritage Site that should be on your bucket list of travel destinations. Situated in an ancient city, this Mayan ruin is built to awe any visitor, leaving one wondering how such a structure has been built in the absence of the modern construction technologies that we know today. With more than a thousand years of history, the most recognisable feature is the Temple of Kukulkan, which is built with 365 steps, each representing each day of the year.

Abu Simbel


It is a complex that consists of two massive rock temples, known as The Great Temple and The Small Temple. It is located in Egypt, along the Nile River. It is believed that these two temples were created as early as 1244 – 1224 BCE or 1264 – 1244 BCE. Until today, there is still a debate with regards to when exactly it has been built, but according to experts, it falls between the two dates mentioned. The Great Temple has a height of 98 feet while The Small Temple has a height of 40 feet. When visiting the site, make sure to pay attention to the existing rules and be well-behaved all the time as it is deemed sacred.

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