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Advantages of Single Family Homes

Prospective homebuyers have a lot of choices on today’s market, and while townhomes and duplexes have their own set of virtues, a single family home affords some notable advantages for those who value their freedom and privacy. Many condo units and apartments only give buyers ownership of interior space, rather than the lot on which the property sits. When you purchase a single family home, you’re investing in quality of life with fewer restrictions. You’ll never again have to worry about sharing walls with noisy or disruptive neighbors and the property is yours to landscape as you see fit.

Single family properties, like the newly designed homes at the Shipley Road community in North Wilmington, DE come with a long list of advantages, and with today’s low interest rates and financing options, it’s easier than ever to have the home of your dreams.

Increased privacy

Homeowners and renters give up a measure of privacy when living in an attached townhome or duplex. By contrast, a stand-alone house on its own parcel of land affords the luxury of peace and quiet.

More interior & exterior space

Detached, single family homes feature abundant interior and exterior space. Detached homes also boast their own set of amenities such as larger, private outdoor areas, spacious garages and flex-use recreation rooms. If you value that extra back and front yard footage, then a single family home might be right for you.

Opportunities to embrace your green thumb

Maybe you’ve always wanted to grow your own vegetable garden, or a place to plant your favorite ornamentals. By owning your own house and the land it sits on, you can garden to your heart’s content, and landscape with trees, shrubs and flowers that speak to your individual style.

Avoid condo fees

Condo developments have definite perks (like shared gyms and common areas), but their monthly fees are not one of them. It’s important to remember that monthly membership costs are often subject to increase, which can really add up in the long term.

Better appreciation over time

Real estate trends have shown that, compared to condos and duplexes, single family homes are more likely to appreciate in value. Many prospective homebuyers would rather invest in home improvements that suit their needs rather than spending the same amount on a property that comes with regular maintenance fees.

Freedom from HOA restrictions

Some housing developments are governed by Homeowner associations (HOAs) that have specific policies on everything from exterior paint color to the height of your front yard fence.  These restrictions and covenants can be challenging for those who want to enjoy their home and land and express their own individual taste, without limitation.

Room to grow your family

Whether you already have children or are thinking about growing your family, a single family home offers more space and freedom than a townhouse or condo. In short, there is simply more room for toys, extra clothing and personal belongings when you factor in attics, garages, activity rooms and outdoor space for play time with the kids.

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