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Making A Little Color Go A Long Way In Your Outfit

Dividing lines between the sexes are being erased, played with and moved all the time. However, there is no avoiding the fact that people still see behaviors, actions or concepts as being “male” or “female.” Maybe not everyone, but certainly a majority of people. It would be fair to say that the concept of dressing with style is seen predominantly as a female thing.

That’s not to say there is no such thing as fashion and stylish clothes for men. What it does mean is that fewer of us take risks with what we wear. If a woman wears a red dress to work, it will be remembered as “That dress!”. If a man wears a red suit to the same place, it will be remembered as *shakes head sadly* “That suit.” Basically, women have more options that fall within the term “refined glamor.”

To make a splash, then, it is important to realize that the bigger the garment, the less a guy can comfortably get away with being colorful. A bright orange shirt? Yes, maybe. Mint green trousers? Hold on there. A mustard yellow sports coat? Sir, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave. So when you want a splash of color, sometimes it’s in the smaller garments you’ll find the best deployment.

Ties: A Stylish Finishing Touch

Much of the time these days, it is important for a man to look serious. Business meetings demand that sober colors are in place. If you meet your clients looking anything at all like a clown, that’s what they’ll think you are. But as long as the jacket and pants are in a muted shade, and the shirt ideally white or gray, a tie in a more fiery color can show your bold side.

Socks: Making A Quiet Statement


It’s almost a bit of a trope, isn’t it? The stockbroker who wears a made to measure suit, cufflinks, the whole nine yards. To underline their individuality, they also wear Homer Simpson socks. It’s a balance. You can give a sober outfit a modern touch; you can even join a sock club and get new, fun socks each month. Patterns, different colors and – yes – characters can all make a dark dress suit feel more you.

Scarves: Hard To Pull Off (In One Way, At Least)


Not everyone can make a scarf work, and particularly indoors. You certainly need to have confidence to wear them. In the workplace, you might not get away with them at all. But while out and about, a classy and colorful scarf can be an excellent way to add a burst of magic and texture to an outfit that is otherwise quiet.

Of course, the issue of confidence is a relevant one. The more confidence you have in your outfit, the more you can sell something others might not. Other than house dress codes, there are no laws governing what you cannot wear. You just need to wear it with assuredness and a smile and listen only to the compliments. That’s what personal style is all about, after all.

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