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How To Go About Claims & Legal Action, A Quick Guide

It can be very intimidating if you have a problem with a company, organisation or individual who you feel has wronged you in some way or another. But don’t worry, although for most of us we would to never have to be in this position and therefore have very little experience of such things but there is a lot of help and advice out there and this post will look at some of the ways we can tackle these.

Personal Injury

Personal injury is a very important thing to be aware of what you should claim for, as there is the very basic fact of medical expenses but also be mindful to consider emotional trauma and even lost earning and future discomfort and possible loss of quality of life if injuries have a chance of having a long-term effect. It’s important to make detailed notes of everything that happened at the time so that it is fresh in your mind and is as accurate as it possibly can be.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of the most common types of insurance to be aware of getting your policy right from the start as there are so many variable of what is included and to what value, so be aware to ask about any queries at the start. When you are struggling with an insurance claim there are resources available such as insurance consultants, insurance attorneys or public adjusters. Some even provide expert advice and initial consultations like this adjuster company for example.

Unfair Dismissal

Unfair dismissal is a very common thing to happen and it’s not only if your boss or company has a problem with you or your work performance, it’s also that they followed proper procedures and gave you a reasonable right of reply to any claims of performance which warranted dismissal and either or both of these can be challenged legally. You should look carefully at what they can dismiss you for and if there are any other factors you feel came into the decision, did you complain about anything such as harassment,was there some sort of favouritism in the company, if you can combine these with incorrect procedure or unfair assessment of your performance you should definitely have a case.

Car Insurance Claim

As with many other forms of claim it’s important to have the facts correct, the one big difference with car insurance is that there are usually two parties involved and each insurer will surely, if possible, want to see if the liability can be attributed to the other party if possible, so it’s essential to see who is at fault by taking down any info and document any evidence and get the contact details of any witnesses who were at the scene. Make sure you don’t admit fault at any point until it has been settled by the insurers and simply just record the facts of the accident and then make your case if you feel it is the other party who is responsible.