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A Gentleman’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding Proposal Video

Getting down on one knee to ask that important question has always been a relatively intimate affair. This is slowly changing with the rise of the video marriage proposal. More gentlemen want to capture the moment forever or upload it on video-sharing platforms. The following are a few tips to help you nail your video marriage proposal.

Practice Makes Perfect

The first thing you should remember is that this whole scene needs to go according to plan. Your beloved does not know what is happening, so there is an element of surprise, making it vital that everything goes smoothly.

It is important that you practice each step before the big day, and be sure to do this in front of a camera. You need to make sure that you are comfortable in front of a camera since you will know it’s there.

Create a Real Story

You need to make sure that you create a story with your proposal. Creating a story is important because it helps make the moment more interesting. This proposal may be exciting, but it needs to be engaging on video and that can only happen if you’ve created a story.

There are a number of notes to hit while creating your story like humor, suspense, and mushiness. This can be done through narration, or you can also just shoot some pre-made dialogue where you talk about how you came to this decision. Try to be honest as you can with your story because it will enrich the video.

Think of a Gimmick

Proposing to your love one is definitely a big moment, but you are also trying to make a memorable video. This means you should consider a theme or gimmick to ensure that your video is unique among others, especially if you are planning to share it. One of the most popular gimmicks is having a flash mob help with the proposal.

Of course, you can just try to come up with a gimmick that is romantic and unique. It may be a good idea to think of proposing in a place that allows you to be bold to make that video much more special. For example, why not decorate small patches of land or an island (ask for permission first), and make an inconspicuous trip to propose.

Ask for Helping Hands

As you can probably tell from some of these suggestions, you are going to need help from others to make this wedding proposal really pop. Think of enlisting the help of your friends but also from those who are close to your beloved. You should also include family members when possible.

Everyone wants to help you make this a memorable moment worthy of capturing on video so you two can cherish it forever. Do your best to ask for help as soon as you can so that everyone can synchronize schedules because this is going to be time-consuming. Be patient because it will be worth it.

Get A Professional Touch

The last thing you want to consider is the help of professionals. Sure, your friends and loved ones are going to help make your proposal pop, but professional filmmakers and editors are going to help bring your video to life.

What you need to find is an experienced event video production in Surrey and London. Be sure to pay attention to the video production company’s video library to see the quality of their work. Good video producers are proud of their work and will likely showcase their work on their page.

Your wedding proposal video should look great if you use some of these tips. Your beloved deserves the best proposal, and you both deserve a video to cherish the moment. It may be a good idea to share the video with those who attend your wedding as long as your other half says what you want to hear.