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7 Ways To Keep Your Stag Party Going Without Burning The Midnight Oil

Stag Party Without Burning The Midnight Oil

Being the best man of your best friend’s wedding is absolutely an honor that comes with a great deal of responsibility. You being the best man means you are the organizer of the much-awaited stag party for the groom and all your best buddies. A stag party is that big event before the D day that focuses on giving the best ever farewell to the groom’s single life. It is his last party as a single man before he enters the paths of marital bliss. Being the best man, it is your prime duty to give him the best ever stag party, fulfilling all his wishes and dreams that he has ever had for his stag party.

Planning a stag do at the last minute, is absolutely full of chaos and frenzy. It is always advisable to plan the stag do much before time so that you avoid any last-minute confusion. If you plan before, you get the time to revise all your preparations so that you do not miss out on anything. With the correct action plan, you and your friends will be able to have the utmost fun to make the stag party the most memorable one. Although there are times when the best man is too occupied with helping out the groom in managing other wedding preparations that he is unable to plan the stag do with proper care. Even if the stag party lasts one night or it is a lavish trip over the weekend with your best buddies, it ought to be the one where you have the most fun. But be careful when you plan the stag party for the groom.

Depending upon the time and resources that the groom has, you are supposed to plan out the stag party for him and all other people he wants to see at his party. Being in a stag party does not make it a compulsion to drink heavily and get sloshed. There are other aspects to the stag party too. There are many more ways to have fun and give the best possible send off to the singlehood of your best friend. If you don’t have the night to entertain the groom-to-be, then plan a day with all his favorite activities to make it memorable and fun. It is not necessary to just have all the fun at night, isn’t it.

A Day Full of Adrenaline Rushes and Exciting Moments

It is not just the nights that are meant to have fun. You can have a blast on your stag party even during the day. There are a  number of activities available which will make your day fantastic and full of thrill. Day time activities can be accompanied by a fancy lunch with all your mates to enhance the celebrations of the stag party. If you are one of those who thinks that there is more to having a good time than just drinking and dancing, then the daytime activities mentioned below can be your choice for your stag party.

The following are some popular activities that you can plan over the stag weekend as the Best Man for the groom-to-be:

City bike tour

Tired of the traffic? Grab a bike and travel the city hipster style with all your best buds this weekend. A stag do which starts with a city bike tour is trending because of the amazing, cost-effective experience. Riding around the city on a bike is probably one of the best ways, to begin your stag party. The comfort of your own surroundings and the company of your best friends will make the ride even more thrilling and enjoyable. One other best thing about this activity is you will get to explore even those parts of your city that you might have never seen earlier. Plus, the extra benefit is that you already know which are the best places to hog on food. No searching required there! You may have to start very early in the morning for this stag party beginning but I am sure it is worth it for the best ever stag party for your best friend.

Treasure hunt

It is the prime concern of the best man to give his best buddy a stag party that he will always cherish. You know that your best friend is no random guy, he is the best of the best and just for this reason, his stag party must also be the best of the best. Instead of having a regular party in the name of the stag do, you might plan some fun-filled outdoor day activities for him and your rest of the friends. The Best Man must plan a fun stag do, so plan a treasure hunt and take the groom-to-be away from all his life’s worries into the world of mystery and fun. You can write a series of clues starting as soon as he grabs his bike and ending as the sun sets down. You can set a theme for the hunt and give the groom all the gifts he ever desired for. A treasure hunt is probably the best game to involve all your best buddies in a mind-boggling mystery game that will get them thrilled. After the fantastic game, you all can then sit and have a gala time over drinks discussing the day and other fond memories you all have shared all your life.


Another fun game that you can incorporate into your day out stag party is paintballing. Paintballing is another quintessential stag party activity that will bring out the hidden child in all your friends. Even if there are a few people in the party with whom you or other people are not familiar with, then paintball is a perfect icebreaker. Either be in teams of two if you are a big bunch of lads, or maybe join your hands to defeat a common target. You will see your boys going crazy with guns in their hands, in no time and having the sort of fun like never before. You can also club the game with any other game, like treasure hunt.  The next clue can be hidden on a paintball ranch, and the groom wins it when he shoots all his buds down. Help him with the target practice and let him have all the fun he wants. It’s his special day, let him live it to the fullest! He may find the next clue, if he hits a bull’s eye!

Theme park

Theme parks are another amazing activity that can be a part of your stag party celebrations. Since the stag party will have its venue as a theme park, you might as well have the entire stag do based on the same theme to enhance the fun. Theme parks are a fantastic place to enjoy with your lad and have fun by making use of the various activities that the theme park will have for you and your groom team. Theme parks offer a variety of activities according to your choice. Again, just like paintball, you can have your treasure hunt fun in a theme park as well. What better venue to hide the clues than a theme park. It is the last day of his single life, make sure he can relive his childhood with a twist. Book the tickets to an adventurous theme park to get him all excited for the dangerous rides. Hide the gifts at different sections to allow him to have some quality fun time with his best buds.

Horse riding

If all you lot are affectionate towards animals and regular games and parties are not your thing, then this activity might suffice your purpose. Horse riding, as a part of your stag party day out, is an excellent idea if the majority of your squad knows how to ride a horse. You might have your horse riding session as a part of the cowboy theme and then ace the party with a cowboy hat and a stallion. Just like other games, racing on a horseback and competing with your best mates is going to take the thrill to another level. Make sure the winner of the race gets the best-suited reward, but in no case should the groom lose! A manly stag dos can never end without a visit to the stable. Race the groom-to-be to the end line with the best horses in town! A thrilling experience with rushing adrenaline and the desire to win. Ride till the sun sets down!


Who says that only women can have a leisurely time with their ladies in a spa. A spa session is certainly the most refreshing experience ever and what time is any better than going to a spa and getting to relax, right before the wedding! Being the best man, you must be very well aware of the stress that your groom to be buddy is facing. What is better than organizing a stag party that will soothe him and give him time to pamper himself during the wedding frenzy. After all the tiring activities, you can book a calming and soothing experience for the Special Man of the Hour, a spa. A clue leading him to a full body massage by a professional masseuse will just be an amazing experience; something that he needs because of all the stress and worries of the new life that he will soon enter. Make sure his mind and body are relaxed to the core, and he is lost in the day’s memories. This is the best way to end the stag do with the groom-to-be resting his eyes and sleeping soundly.

Turkish baths

Oh! This is nothing less than pure luxury! Your best buddy will never be able to thank you enough for being such a fantastic best man to him! Just like having a relaxing spa, a Turkish bath is another way to get your groom out of the wedding preparation’s craziness and get to relax a bit. Turkish baths are the perfect way to end your stag weekends since they are the perfect way to detox your body from all the binge-drinking from the previous night. How can you end the party without a relaxing thermal bath? You can go for your best Turkish bath experience along with your entire squad and have the most rejuvenating experience ever, right before the wedding. Not only this, it can also be the last clue of the treasure hunt that will lead him to an exclusive Turkish bath. This is the best surprise that your best mate can receive because it would be the last thing that he will expect. It will dust off all the buzz that he has and detoxify all his muscles. It is something that even he does not know he wants.

Don’t Have The Night! Stop Worrying

You should not lose heart if you are planning a stag do at the last moment and don’t have any free night to plan it for. A day stag party can be as amazing as a night one, if you know how to plan well. You need to remember just two things: Firstly, it is the last day of freedom for the groom-to-be and secondly, plan something exciting and memorable. You must also remember that even if you are the best man and the host of the stag party, but the party is for your best friend. Even if you are getting set for the stag party without a proper plan, just make sure that whatever you do in the party, should be according to the whims and fancies of the groom. It is his farewell to the singlehood, and you being the best man, must have shared the best of the time with him, so give him the best last party of his singlehood!

A stag do is the creativity and love of the Best Man for the Groom-to-be.

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