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6 Tips to Improve your Life in the Bedroom

It can be hard to find an individual who’s not interested in improving their sex life. If you want a boost in yours, worry not – we are here to help Improve your Life in the Bedroom.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn about a few recent scientific studies which’ll give you insight on how to Improve your Life in the Bedroom, from your furniture color to your liquor intake.

Wear Red If You’re Looking For A Partner


If you don’t have a partner, this is the obvious first step – after ll, it takes two to tango.

According to a study by a psychologist in the University of Rochester, men rate women who wear any shade of red as more attractive. The crimson hue made males find females more attractive, but did not change how they rated her intelligence, competence, or personality.

As they report in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, men were significantly more likely to say they’d like to spend more on a date and would be more willing to have sex with a women if they were in red.

Practice Yoga


A study performed in India has showed that men who wanted to make sex last longer had an improvement after practicing an hour of yoga daily. Men were able to last thrice as long in the sack after practicing yoga for a while.

According to research, isometric holds and stretching performed in yoga improves pelvic muscle control and core strength, prolonging the time until orgasm

Speak Up In The Bedroom

Individuals who are more open about their interests in bed tend to be more satisfied sexually, as reported by a study at the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Those that talked about sex during the act were even more satisfied.

Those who are afraid to verbalize what they want exactly may prefer using non-verbal cues as a way to get used to signaling your desires to your partner. There are also some great pieces of advice on this site.

Take In A Comedy Show Before You Go To Bed

Watching a  comedy show before having sex can be a great way to improve your sexual response. When your laugh, your blood pumps, your heart rate increases and your cardiovascular system works harder – improving the quality of sex.

Do It In The Morning

Morning sex is better both for your overall mood and health – and is particularly useful to make men finish stronger and last longer. Since testosterone levels tend to peak overnight, in the morning you’ll be ready to go. Being well-rested and with higher testosterone levels is the perfect combination for incredible sex.

Start Working Out


Exercising provides a lot more benefit than just aesthetics, particularly in the case of men. It helps them last longer and makes it less likely that they’ll experience erection problems in bed.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, sedentary men are significantly more likely to experience erectly dysfunction, leading to poor experiences in a sexual relationship.

As found by Harvard’s School of Public Health, men who participate in physical activity for 20 to 30 minutes have a 50% lower chance of having problems with erections than inactive ones.