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Fresh Summer Travel Ideas to Stay Irritation-Free

Summer is the best time of year — and the best time for travel. With the great weather and long weekends, I never want to be stuck at home. If you don’t have plans yet for an epic trip, now is the time to figure out when and where to go. Our country and world are so big that sometimes the location is the hardest part of the trip. But I’m here to help with some Summer Travel Ideas.

The following are a few of the locations I love. If you prepare properly, each will offer an unforgettable, rewarding, and comfortable experience.

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Central American Beaches

Bocas del Toro. Playa Del Carmen. Playas del Coco. Even if you’re not familiar with these beautiful locations, the names alone conjure images of gorgeous sand beaches, coconut trees, and relaxation.

Bocas del Toro in Panama
Bocas del Toro in Panama

No matter whether you pick the coastal location in Panama, Mexico, or Costa Rica, you’re sure to be blown away. I have never been let down by the natural beauty, laid-back culture, and delectable seafood on these sandy shores. Any of the three will make for a great time away, and since they aren’t that far, you don’t even need the whole week away to enjoy some time in the sun, fruity drinks, and delicious ceviche.

caipirinhas on the beach
caipirinhas on the beach

There are some things to keep in mind, however. One of the great joys of traveling to Latin America is the nightlife. I am no expert salsa or merengue dancer —but you don’t need to be to enjoy the fiestas. You do, however, have to look and feel your best to avoid embarrassment in tropical climates.

Even at a humble barbecue, you will find yourself making first impressions with locals and dancing with Latinas eager to see what you can do on the dance floor. No matter who you are, that can be intimidating, so you need to be on top of your game. Leading up to these events, one key grooming consideration is often left unaddressed — even in 2016.

Dancing in Latin America

Eight out of 10 men report feeling less confident when they experience underarm irritation, according to a recent survey by Dove Men+Care antiperspirant. Two in three feel self-conscious and frustrated when dealing with this embarrassing problem. Applying Dove Men+Care antiperspirant, which contains a clinically-proven, non-irritant formula with ¼ moisturizer technology to actively care for men’s skin, has always left me protected from ever having to worry about underarm issues while on vacation.

Dove Sandals

No matter where I am, I don’t leave home without applying it — and this goes double when I know I’ll be dancing the night away. With my two left feet, it’s hard enough to get all the steps right. So the last thing I need is any other reason to feel flustered.

Dancing the Night

Cruise to the Mediterranean

Cruises have a so-so reputation. And rightfully so if you’re talking about cheap trips on floating fortresses traversing the Caribbean with too many tourists and tacky entertainment.

Savona, Italy via the Costa Luminosa ship
Savona, Italy via the Costa Luminosa ship

But there are worldly, more intimate, luxury ships that go from port to port and show you the unparalleled wonder that is the Mediterranean coast. The sights, from Spain and Italy to France and Malta, are unbelievable. I prefer to sail the open sea, relaxing during the trip rather than dealing with airports or tolls on the mainland. Being burdened by such frustrations is not the way I want to spend my precious time away.

Watching the open seas aboard the ship
Watching the open seas aboard the ship

Between the rocky islands, gorgeous coastlines, and intimate villages that few ever get to see, sailing through the Mediterranean is not just another day at the beach or tour through a new city. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience akin to dunking a basketball aboard the cruise ship for the first time.

Dunking a Basketball
Dunking on the children’s basketball court during the cruise

Trust me: Ports like Marseilles and Palma de Mallorca will ensure that this trip will not only make your summer — but your whole year.

Returning to port in Marseille, France
Returning to port in Marseille, France

European Nights

While trips close to home can be some of the best you ever take, there is nothing like dropping in on new cultures and unfamiliar locations at night.

Drinking in Bologna, Italy

Setting your eyes on the Eiffel Tower for the first time, for example, is remarkable. After years — even decades — of seeing such an iconic landmark in film and popular culture, experiencing it firsthand produces the type of feeling that cannot be replicated in any other way.

If you’ve never been to Paris, this summer is the time. Or if not The City of Light, consider other lesser-known cities in Europe, like Belgrade, Krakow or Bologna. Or more foreign cultures with a visit to Istanbul. As with the French capital, each of these places is one of a kind. You’ve either experienced them or you haven’t — there are no substitutes.


While there are countless travel tips to abide before and after you stamp your passport for your international journey, don’t forget about the difficulty of bringing the right clothes and staying presentable for the duration of the trip.

Packing for a long trip can be a nightmare, and one thing you always have to sacrifice is extra clothes. I usually bring a blazer, dark jeans, and a few button-down shirts to look good and stay versatile. You simply won’t have the space to bring one-time-use outfits for a night out on the town, a full day of walking around sightseeing, a fancy dinner, and the hotel gym.

Out for drinks

Some of these items will have to be worn multiple times, and nobody wants to worry about laundry during their trip. So I make sure to stay dry and fresh with Dove Men+Care antiperspirant, which provides 48 hours of odor and wetness protection. This way, the shirts will be fine to wear multiple times, because the last thing I want to do is put on a shirt that is unwearable simply because I had it on earlier during a date with that cute Czech woman I met on the flight over. Don’t let that polo shirt be ruined by sweat stains after just one wear.

Summer Travel Ideas Conclusion

Your summer trip should be about fun, relaxation, and new experiences. Nobody wants to worry about underarm irritation. Book your travel now and be sure to plan ahead so that you will remain fresh, comfortable, and free from irritation — in all senses of the word — during your journey. Where would you like to go this summer? Tweet your ideas to @AspiringGent and I’d be happy to offer suggestions.


Jason Batansky is working with Dove Men+Care on the Complete Underarm Care Campaign. Learn more about underarm care by visiting The Guide to Complete Underarm Care.