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5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Dubai



Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the United Arab Emirates. The city converted itself from a desert occupation to a city of style and modernism. Dubai is a pearl in the ocean of desert because the Arabian Desert surrounds it. This city grows so fast and puts the world into wonder by its continuous success and glory. Dubai has some of the top-rated tourist attractions which are famous across the globe. The city of gold has a name in the list of many top-rated and world’s famous places, such as Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world, Palm Jumeirah, the largest man-made canal in the world, and many others. These locations are why Dubai has become a global attraction and tourist hub for most tourists and visitors. This city welcomes millions of people every year from all over the world. 

Here is the list of the top 5 Dubai attractions and things to do in Dubai. You should also rent a car from any reputable car rental agency for a convenient trip experience. 

1- Bastakiya (Traditional Town of Old Dubai)

By visiting Bastakiya, you can explore the traditional and historic site of Dubai. Bastakiya is also known as Al Fahidi Historic District or Al Bastakiya, and it is located alongside Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Creek. Al Bastakiya is a place that offers you beautiful and interesting insights into the Arabian culture and history. You can explore the artwork of old people and their architectural wonders like old houses, wooden doors and windows, wind towers, and many others. The white mosque of Al Bastakiya is a masterpiece that makes it more worth visiting. 

2- Dubai Opera 

Dubai Opera is one of the most famous tourist attractions. It is a cultural and light-hearted entertainment venue for the visitors and tourists located in Downtown Dubai. If you are a music lover, this is one of the best places for you in the city that offers you live music entertainment, and you can find a muse in the opera shows, concerts, comedy nights, and classical instrumental plays. Dubai opera is open throughout the year, so come any time of the year and enjoy various plays performed in the different musical theaters. 

3- Deira Souk (Largest Gold Market in the World)

The city of gold has many markets, but Deira Souk is an ideal one that every visitor enjoys visiting. It is one of the old souks of Dubai as it was established in the 1830s. Deira still has old architecture style and wooden archways that you can witness during your visit to this ancient market. Deira market is located close to Dubai Creek. The main and best part of your trip to this market is seeing the variety of gold displayed on different shop windows and buying it even at better rates.

4- Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is home to historical artworks and beautiful artifacts. It is located on the premises of Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest structure in Dubai. This museum was built in 1787, and it is the oldest building in the city of gold. Later on, it was restored by the ruler of Dubai in the year 1971 and then truly and extensively renovated in 1995. You can easily witness the evolution of Dubai that from being a tiny deserted village, it becomes one of the amazing and fascinating places. This place is highly recommended for the educational trip of your children and even elders. 

5- Bur Dubai Grand Mosque

This grand mosque is the architectural marvel of Dubai. It is home to the tallest minaret of Dubai that is 70 meters. Bur Dubai Grand Mosque is an Iranian-style mosque that is a part of the heritage district of Dubai. The interior of the mosque is done with incredible blue mosaic work that attracts visitors. The corridors of the mosque surrounded by the biggest lights in the world. Also, along with 24-carat gold glazed on the pillars. This architectural marvel of Dubai comes under the eight biggest mosques globally and the biggest in the United Arab Emirates. 

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We have discussed some of the most visited and top Dubai attractions above. Hopefully, you will enjoy them during your visit. Although all of them are wonderful and amazing in their style and artwork, being a history lover, my favorite one is Dubai Museum as it gives a lot of information about old and ancient Dubai’s rulers and locals.

Photo by Denys Gromov from Pexels