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5 Step Confidence Building for the Modern Gentleman

5 Step Confidence Building for the Modern Gentleman
Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

This guide to boosting your self-confidence could help give you the competitive edge you’ve been searching for.

Are you lacking in self-esteem? Common signs include a lack of confidence, underestimating your skill set, and second-guessing your decisions. This guide to building your confidence is as easy as five simple steps. Try them today and see if you can become a confident gentleman, ready and able to tackle the tribulations of the modern world. 

The 5 Steps to Confidence Building for the Modern Gent

These five steps will boost your self-worth, bring back your confidence, and help you win that job, home, or relationship. 

1 – Set Challenges for Yourself

As introverts, it can be hard to step outside your comfort zone and shine. Even extroverts can find it hard to stay in the limelight continuously. If you want to advance from that rut you have been stuck in, you can’t do it without challenging yourself. 

The size of the challenge is determined by where you are at in life right now. If you haven’t left bed in a week, get up and make it with fresh sheets. If you are an award-winning public speaker, challenge yourself to write a course or meet one-on-one with others.

When you finish a task, you get a burst of dopamine. Enjoy it and move on to the next.

2 – Take Care of Yourself

Those with no self-worth do not see themselves as worthy of the same treatment that they give to their loved ones. How do you treat your partner or best friend? Compare this with how you treat yourself… see the difference? 

Self-care isn’t a holistic ploy to make money. It’s doing things like kicking the pile of leaves or dive-bombing into the swimming pool like you used to as a kid. It’s eating ice cream because you can and licking the bowl after you bake a cake. It’s bubble baths, favorite socks, and comfortable pajamas. 

Good self-care shows you what it means to be cared for. When you set that standard for yourself, the people in your life must also meet that boundary. Loving yourself teaches you how others ought to love you.

3 – Set Boundaries

Life can be overwhelming. When it gets overwhelming, men tend to retreat into themselves and isolate. They might use escapism to get away from reality for a few hours. These are coping mechanisms that you learned over time. 

Setting clear boundaries stops you from having to use those coping mechanisms. Boundaries are about seeing your own needs, recognizing that they are important, and communicating that to others. For example, saying no to someone who always takes advantage of you.

4 – Break Challenges into Steps

If you take on something large, break it into steps. Likewise, if you fail at a challenge you set yourself, go back and take it in smaller steps. Bitesize chunks are far easier to digest than whole cakes. Once you realize you can fail and still succeed even on the fifth attempt, you realize that you are someone you can count on in life. That’s a huge step.

5 – Find Your Cool

If you were someone else, would you want to hang out with you? Do you like your own company? Tweak yourself through personal growth until you find yourself cool. When you get to a place where you would want to hang out with yourself, you know others will, too.

Be Yourself – Your Confident Self

Your confident self is the best version of you. Take what you have learned here today and use it to soar. 

Featured Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay