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5 Non-Lame Ways to Show How Much You Really Like Her

Lame, lame, lame — that’s what many of the standard “I really like her” gifts are. Sure, chocolates are tasty, but they’re a pretty generic present. And giving her a department store gift card is way too impersonal. You need something real, something different. Need some help? These five ideas are sure to show her you care.

  1. Give Her Something That Lasts

A dinner out may be romantic, but the moment is fleeting. Flowers are beautiful, but they’re gone in days. If you really like her, you need to come up with a gift that lasts. Here’s your chance to ditch the red roses that’ll wither and die and get a gift that lasts forever. The Eternity Rose is a natural rose, picked at peak and dipped in 24k gold, platinum or silver. There are a variety of options matching where you are in your relationship, whether you’re at the “liking” or closer to the “loving” stage.

  1. Do the Unexpected

It’s easy for people in relationships to fall into a routine, even if they’ve only been going out a short time. Keep the spice in your relationship by doing something unexpected. Unexpected doesn’t mean outrageous, but something outside your relationship norm. For example, if cooking a meal is usually out of your league, how about learning to make a few dishes and surprise her with a home cooked dinner at your place? Even if the food flops, she’ll be impressed.

  1. Make Your Actions Count

Treating others as you’d want to be treated is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot. But in a relationship, treating her as she wants to be treated is what you should be after. You might love it if she did your laundry for you, but you offering to do hers may not be her idea of caring. Perhaps she’d far more enjoy a coffee date with you where you sit down, sip coffee and talk to one another instead. Get to know who she is, communicate with her and listen to her. Don’t make the mistake of basing your actions toward her on your own desires.

  1. Spend Play Time Together

A hike, game of miniature golf, a drive in the country or a trip to the beach are great ways to spend playful, relaxing time together, perfect for getting to know one another better. You may be asking yourself, “OK, we’re together but how can I make it more playful?” Here’s how:

  • Engage in gentle teasing.
  • Make eye contact, smile, make goofy faces.
  • Turn on the funny machine. Exaggerate and joke around.
  • Charm and flatter her in fun ways.

What you’re doing is showing her you enjoy spending time with her.

  1. Mention the Future

No, it’s not about wedding plans. You’re probably nowhere near that stage. But even in the “like” stage, talking about the future lets her know you expect her to be in your life for a while. You could say something like, “Maybe we can plan a holiday getaway for December.” Of course, only mention future plans if you really mean it.

Little Things Do Count

Finally, don’t forget the so-called “little things.” Try stopping by her place on your way to work for a quick chat, spontaneously showing up at her job in time to take her to lunch and hiding notes in places she’s sure to find them. She’ll know you like her by your actions, no words required.