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You Could Already Have The Skills For That Career Switch

Feeling in a rut? Tired of your career and looking for a way out? You’re not the first person to be in that situation, nor are you the first person who’s worried that they developed skills so specific to their job that they might never be able to get into another, truly different line of work. But that’s not necessarily true. Many of us already have the skills to hit a broad spectrum of careers to go with the level of professionalism your past experience has given you. Here are a few skills that could light your path forward.

Feeling handy?

It might not be a skill you use at work very often, but if you’re something of a handyman and well used to a bit of DIY, then the trades could be just the place for you. There’s a growing concern over a lack of future tradesmen, which means that the field could become particularly lucrative in a short time. Many tradesmen and companies offer apprenticeship programs so you can earn as you learn how to apply your existing knowledge to a more specialized field and get your qualification.

Net savvy?

The internet is becoming a more lucrative tool than ever, too. How do you spend your time on the internet? If it involves social media or running a site or an online group, then careers in marketing and community management could land you a net-based job in several companies. If you have an interest or expertise in a certain hobby or topic, then you might even be able to earn an audience and earn a living through blogging.

The gift of the gab

It’s not a skill as easily learned, but some people just have a natural charisma. If you’re a people person, then you could be better suited to a career that gets you face-to-face more often than behind a desk. Sales roles still play a huge role in modern commerce and many of them pay by commission, so he better your gift of the gab, the more money it could earn you. College recruiters, public relations representatives and even coaches, if you have a sporting history, all benefit from charisma, too.

Even your language could lead to a job

Being fluent in English is a valuable skill in a world that’s growing more internationally connected. It’s not difficult to learn how to get into TESOL as a career. If you get your qualifications, there are plenty of agencies that look specifically for positions that require native English speakers to teach all kinds of people. One of the benefits of teaching English is that you might get to travel across the world. If you’re multilingual, even more opportunities open for you. You can work in interpretation, community management for an international company, or localization.

Beyond the skills above, take a real in-depth look at what you do every day at work, what methods are involved and what qualities allow you to succeed. Start listing your skills, both soft and hard, and you might be able to identify that you’re more prepared for a broader range of careers than you thought.