Home Advice 4 Things to Know Before Replacing Door Locks

4 Things to Know Before Replacing Door Locks

4 Things to Know Before Replacing Door Locks
Photo by Jaye Haych on Unsplash

Keep in mind that your entry door is one of the most critical parts of your home’s security against burglars and trespassers. Are you planning to change the locks on it? Then you need to ensure that you are upgrading to a better door lock system.

Your home’s security is only as good as the locks on its doors. You might feel the need to change your locks over time or due to security scenarios to maintain your privacy and safety. You will find different options for doing so. That’s why you need to keep reading, especially if you are thinking of changing your home’s door locks.

This post will explain when it is essential and when you might save money by using a basic, less costly lock-changing approach. Here are the important things you need to know before replacing your door lock.

Know the difference between rekeying and replacing a door lock 

Take note that a door’s lock could be rekeyed or replaced when they need to be changed. Both approaches make sure that the old keys will not open the lock.

Door locks should be replaced. The most practical and extensive approach to guaranteeing your security involves removing the current lock from the door and changing it with a new lock.

On top of that, you can expect to pay at least $80 to $300 per lock, depending on the quality. You might need to pay more than $200 for a professional installation. On the other hand, many other door locks are simple to install and come with helpful instructions.

It’s worth mentioning that door locks should be rekeyed at the same time. That’s presently the most frequent way of replacing the locks on a door, especially in apartment complexes. Would you like to fit the lock to your new key? Then rekeying involves realigning the springs and pins in the lock’s inner workings.

Consider rekeying if you move to another place

If a new house is being constructed, most people will have access to it, including real estate agents, house inspectors, and subcontractors. That’s why it is essential that the lock must be rekeyed, as a new homeowner will not like keys in the hands of all those other people.

On top of that, it is typically part of the sales process (and the builder’s job). However, the buyer’s real estate is in charge of ensuring it is performed before closing. You never know how many other keys are floating about. It will help if you consider rekeying every time you move into a new household.

After all, you are in charge of getting the locks rekeyed, especially if you purchase an existing home.

Consider the comfort of having a single key for your home

It is extremely inconvenient to fumble through your selection of keys because your front door key does not fit the side door locks or backdoor locks and vice versa. Lucky for you, rekeying can offer the ease of having that single key fit all of the locks available in your home—which includes the garage—as long as all the doors are the same type of lock.

Different door lock manufacturers utilize various rekeying processes as well as key styles. For instance, are the locks of your house all Schlage? If that’s the case, you can rekey them all to fit the same key. On the other hand, what about if the locks are from various manufacturers? Then you will need to change a few of them before you have them rekeyed to take a single key.

More secure locks are always beneficial 

Many homeowners prefer to upgrade to more security locks after a string of burglaries or a break-in in the neighborhood. If you didn’t know yet, modern door locks are already geared with advanced technology, improving and streamlining home security.

Rather than using a traditional key, most modern locks utilize a keypad with a code to easily unlock the door. Moreover, a numerical digit code could be programmed into the keypad, which could be reset easily to a new code if needed.

What’s more, smart locks connected to a computer, tablet, or smartphone enable you to lock and open the door remotely, which brings home security to a whole new level. Thus, when your main door lock is left unlocked while you are away, smart locks will send an alert to your device. How awesome is that?

Final Thoughts

Most homeowners prevent rekeying their locks as they think it’s too challenging. But many lock manufacturers do offer brand-specific rekeying kits. Those are affordable and can be bought from a hardware store, the lock maker, or an online shop for only $15 to $25. To know more about this subject, check out Locksmith-People today.

Featured Photo by Jaye Haych on Unsplash