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3 Most Important Escort Etiquette Facts for Today’s Renaissance Men

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You wouldn’t treat your auto mechanic poorly and you wouldn’t treat a one night stand like a vending machine. That’s your first clue when hiring a professional escort.

There are a lot of reasons why men decide to spend some time with a professional escort beyond the obvious ones.

Some married couples have thrown in the towel but stay together for the kids, a man might need a reason to forget about an ex-lover and for some guys it’s been ages since the last time they were intimate and they need to clear out the cobwebs before taking a new relationship further.

Things Women Notice When They're Out On A Date

In the digital age there’s a lot of pressure on men to perform well on the first boff, just ask any Tinder user. So a little pre-game romp with a stranger is not only sexy; she might be able to give you some insight into what women want and expect today.

However, before you channel the experience and splendour of an experienced escort, there are a few rules of engagement first-timers really need to know.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Escort Etiquette

  1. First Impressions are Everything

In the digital age it’s easier than ever to hire high class escorts in Perth. First contact will likely be made over the internet, and depending on how you approach an escort services provider you might not get a response.

In order to improve your chances of a date, don’t write vulgar, selfish messages that describe all the things you’d like to do with her. That’s child’s play. Put on your man pants and write a message that introduces who you are, a time frame that you’d like to have a play date, and ask politely if she’s got an opening. That “I’m paying for it, why should I have to” nonsense will get you rejected because there’s a whole lot of men like you, and only a few rare roses like her. Yes, you need to compete a little even if you’re paying for it.

  1. Ask No Personal Questions

An escort is not your girlfriend and you’re not lining up personalities to see if there’s a future. Do not ask questions of a personal nature if you don’t want to make your experience awkward (or worse, she could walk out on you and justly take her fee with her).

Dating may be a minefield, but being with an escort doesn’t need to be. Don’t ask what her boyfriend thinks of her work, how much she makes, or any other normal “man questions” you might want to ask. A question is a door you must walk through, and the same questions could be thrown back in your face –does your wife like what you do in your spare time? She’s offering you a quality, professional service; act like it. The only questions you should be asking is what she likes or if she has a friend; the more the merrier – Escorts and Babes.

  1. Answer Personal Questions

Yeah, this one might seem like a double standard for first-timers. Don’t worry, she isn’t going to blackmail you –face it, she doesn’t know who you are. She is about to place herself in your trust and it’s standard practice to be asked some questions.

Before an escort knocks at your door you are going to be asked for references from other escorts if you’ve done this before, you might be asked about your job, where you live, your family, and so on. The questions will often keep coming until she feels confident you’re not going to go Ike Turner on your date. Can you blame her?

In Conclusion

You wouldn’t treat your auto mechanic poorly and you wouldn’t treat a one night stand like a vending machine. So why on earth would you treat an escort any less than the loving, beautiful, sensuous creature they are?

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