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17 Best Tips For College Students

Being a student is not easy. This is a so-called first draft of an adult life, and you’ll have to discover and learn many things that seemed needless for you during your school life. So, here we go!

General tips for students

  • Buy a mini-laptop. It will make it possible to study anywhere.
  • Don’t omit bibliography and references when writing an essay. Your teacher will never appreciate this.
  • Make healthy lunches on your own and take them to your college or university. It will both save you a fortune and protect your gut!
  • Lead as healthy lifestyle as it is possible. Eat fruits and veggies, have enough sleep, try to know when to stop during stormy student’s parties. Your body will thank you for that. Your stamina will be several times higher, and many nasty chronic issues will probably be avoided. Gastric ulcer, pancreatitis, cholangitis…These are all students’ “close neighbors”. It’s easy to avoid them and you can do it!
  • Gain work experience during your studies. Not a single company will employ a person with an empty CV. Take short breaks from studying even if it seems impossible.
  • Stay as far from Facebook as it’s possible during your studies. It eats your time very quickly, and you don’t even notice that. Learn some good writing skills instead: https://yourwriters.net/blog/character-analysis-of-mrs-wright-in-trifles-by-susan-glaspell.
  • Have a good meal before shopping. If you buy food items being hungry and having a good choice, it’s guaranteed that you’ll spend more cash than you planned to.
  • Try to buy used books for your studies. In most cases, they hardly differ from the new ones.
  • Take advantage of your Student ID for discounts. These discounts might seem rather modest at first glance, but if you take all of them together, a price of fine headphones will be saved. Every penny saved is a penny gained.
  • Don’t refer to Wikipedia in your essays. References to Wiki will have only one meaning for your teacher: “This student is lazy; he doesn’t like to spend time on studying”.
  • Google Books and Google Scholar should become your new best friends. Not every necessary book can be borrowed in a library for some days, and there are no student’s libraries with an enough amount of books.

A few words about living in a student’s dormitory

  • Don’t forget about a medical drawer. Painkillers, antiseptic, plasters are an unavoidable minimum Mind your schedule and do homework in time.
  • Choose what you study wisely. Are you sure you want to study liberal arts over an msn mba dual degree online?
  • Always log out of your social media accounts especially when the computer is not yours. Even if the device belongs to you, try not to allow any third persons to use it. Students are also people, and there are many unpredictable, not to say mean folks. Anyone of them can read your private correspondence without permission and divulge some especially spicy details to others.
  • There is hardly ever central heating in a student’s dormitory. Make sure you have enough warm blankets and clothes.
  • If you live in a dormitory, invest in good earplugs. Your roommate might want to go to bed later and invite some good friends to have a chat and a snack and a drink with. Moreover, there are lots of people who can’t sleep without background music. It’s near impossible to fall asleep in such circumstances. Earplugs will become a true lifesaver for you.
  • Try to live in a dormitory with a person that is able to listen to you. If you have some questions to how your roommate is going to observe cleanliness, or your personal boundaries, or some other important aspects of your common life, you should demand answers to these questions and reach compromise and mutual understanding as soon as during the first day of your living in the dorm. If you don’t get these answers ASAP, or these answers are not suitable for you, the only way out is to change a roommate. Important: a good roommate is not necessarily your best friend and vice versa. Even if you become friends, mutual understanding and domestic harmony will be of a greater importance as long as you live together.

In general, good luck in your student life! It will be never easy but never boring!