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10 Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Paris wears its reputation for romance on its sleeve proudly. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Paris or have enjoyed it countless times before, here are 10 romantic recommendations, from the well-known to hidden gems that are sure to get some sparks flying.

The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

While we may be beginning with the obvious, words can seldom do the brilliance of the Eiffel Tower justice. Its history with romance is pretty famous too, with countless gents popping the question from its lofty heights. Nowadays, the numerous floors of the tower house shops and restaurants that can make each level a new discovery, so set aside plenty of time for this.

Row the Grand Canal

A great way to see the city, away from the traffic and bustle, is to take to the water by renting a rowing boat. You’ll have the chance to get some quality couple time in while surrounded by incredible scenery. Rowing past the majestic Chateau de Versailles is a magical memory in the making.

Declare your passion at the Love Temple

Paris hides its Love Temple, or Temple Romantique, on an island in the heart of the lake in Bois de Vincennes Park. The white columns and domes of this Rococo building from the 1800s give it a magical quality and you can reach it by bridge or boat, to profess your love.

Take a vintage Citroen tour

The distinctive curvy Citroen 2CV cars are as vintage as they come in France and you can book a bespoke tour to cuddle up in the back of one while your driver takes you around the sights. This is a sure-fire way to find a few Parisian highlights, off the beaten trail.

See the city by scooter

If you prefer your tours done your own way and with your own vehicle, scooter hire is for you. This is an affordable way to weave through the secret streets of Paris, taking in all the best restaurants, wine bars and places to stay.

beauty of Paris

Brave the catacombs

We don’t always admit it, but plenty of couples love the macabre. Nowhere does dark and intriguing better than the Parisian Catacombs, where centuries of history and forgotten lore simmers beneath the city. If you love the idea of the London Dungeons, you’ll love this – hold hands and face the mysterious together.

See world class art at The Louvre

This vast homage to art holds some of the world’s greatest treasures, including the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa. You can enjoy vast grounds, corridors crammed with history and plenty of inspiring art, with modern tech on hand to guide you.

Nibble pizza by the canal

A popular date idea in Paris is to sit on the edge of the Canal Saint-Martin, with a pink balloon that you got from the Pink Flamingo Pizza Parlour. This helps your deliveryman find you both, when he brings you your piping hot pizza, freshly made by hand. It’s the perfect lovers’ lunch.

lunch and dinner in paris

Date night at the bookshop bar

Books and wine are a winning combination and they know it over at La Belle Hortense. This suave little street bookshop doubles as a classy wine bar and you and your beloved can cosy up with some classics, while tasting some of the city’s finest vintages. It’s open until the early hours too; how many bookshops can say that?

Take a cooking class together

Paris is home to some of the world’s finest cuisines, but if you’re both looking to take some of that talent home, try a cooking class together. Some of the city’s top chefs have begun sharing the secrets of their craft and few things beat bonding over beef bourguignon.

Everywhere you look, Paris offers up experiences to help love happen. Maybe the fabled City of Romance can bring you and your loved one closer.