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Smoking Cigars in Cuba

Being faced with constant smoking bans and limits on personal freedoms (see, for example, New York's recent barrage of legislation), it was incredibly relieving...

Music To Imbibe In: Cuba

The little country that gave birth to the Montecristo, the Bolivar and the Partagas, amongst other cigar brands, has also recently become famous for...

Films To Imbibe In: Miller’s Crossing

There are some films that actually inspire you to have a drink and a cigar while you are watching them. Any gentleman worth his...

Bolivar Petit Libertador (RE France)

Every year Habanos SA releases a set of regional edition (edición regional) cigars; if you’re lucky, there’ll be a few in your country.  While...

Montecristo No.4

When you think of Cuban cigars, the first thing that comes to mind may be "Montecristo." In fact, 50% of all cuban cigars sold...