Home Lifestyle You, too, can be as smooth as James Bond. Here’s how.

You, too, can be as smooth as James Bond. Here’s how.

You, too, can be as smooth as James Bond. Here’s how.
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Women want him. Men want to be him. So went the tagline for Sir Ian Fleming’s creation when he first hit the silver screen in the 1960s. More than half a century on, the face might have changed, but the fundamental things remain the same. Bond’s inherent cool is something that transcends the decades, and it’s something that everyone from Connery to Craig has managed to capture. If they, and more to the point, if even the likes of dear old Roger Moore, can do it, then there’s hope for all of us. Here are some tips we’d like to share on how you, too, can exude some of that James Bond cool.  

Be interesting  

That’s easy for an international super spy to say, you might think. But hold on just a moment. Do you really think that Bond would charm the ladies by regaling them with tales of his daring, world-saving exploits? That would rapidly become the diametric opposite of interesting. By minimizing talk about yourself and instead of showing genuine interest in whoever you are talking to, you come across as far better company. That’s extra handy if your shark-wrestling and free-fall skydiving anecdotes are a little thin on the ground, too.  

Know the rules 

 If there’s one place James Bond’s smoothness shines through more than anywhere else, it’s at the casino. That’s where we met him for the first time in the opening scene of Dr. No, and there have been numerous memorable casino scenes in subsequent adventures. But here’s a tip. If you’re planning on taking on a real-world La Chiffre at your local casino, be prepared. Back in the 1960s, casinos were places of mystery, but these days, anyone can read a guide to playing poker online. Brush up on your strategy, or you’ll run the risk of coming across more like Mr. Bean than Mr. Bond.  

Learn to perfect your look 

Judging people by appearances might sound terribly outdated for 2021, but like it or not, everyone does it, even if it is only subconscious. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go everywhere in an expensive suit. The thing about Bond is he knows how to dress for any occasion. In the Brosnan era, we often saw Bond in casualwear, and he absolutely rocked it. But the best example comes from Sean Connery. Check out the scene on the golf links in Goldfinger. Both Bond and his nemesis are in the traditional golfing attire of the time. Yet while Bond looks as cool and natural as ever, Goldfinger looks frankly ridiculous.  

007 James Bond
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Be at one with your wheels 

Almost every James Bond film has a memorable vehicle or two in it. Of course, we all love the Aston Martins, but while they are undeniably cool in themselves, it is when James Bond gets behind the wheel of something more mundane that we really appreciate his skills. Remember the Sherpa van in The Spy Who Loved Me or the Citroen 2CV in For Your Eyes Only? It goes to show, it’s not what you’ve got that matters. It’s what you do with it. Good luck, and as Q would say, “Do be careful, 007!” 

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