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When Men Use Online Dating Apps – Do They Actually Work?

When Men Use Online Dating Apps – Do They Actually Work?
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There are lots of reasons for men to use online dating apps. One, they are really busy with their jobs and careers and want a faster, more streamlined way to find casual or serious relationships. Two, they have been rather isolated because of the pandemic. They haven’t been able to find hookups or relationships using normal channels – social gatherings, friends of friends, and even going to bars or clubs. Third, they are tired of the normal methods for finding relationships – depending on friends to introduce them, taking on blind dates, joining clubs, participating in speed dating, social media, and joining singles’ clubs or groups. If all of these things have not been productive, they finally decide to check out online dating apps. After all, what do they have to lose?

Apparently, many have decided they have little to lose. According to some research reports, there are over 8000 online dating apps, and 62% of dating app users are men.

Online dating apps have had exponential growth, especially during the past two years of the pandemic. Still, even though that is dissipating and things are opening up, these apps have shown men new ways of finding matches that can be successful.Users have been able to connect with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and interests, which has expanded their dating horizons and increased their chances of finding a compatible match. Numerous online dating platforms cater to the diverse needs and preferences of different groups. For instance, some platforms specifically cater to niche communities, such as LGBTQ+ individuals, religious or ethnic groups, or individuals with specific hobbies, interests, and dating styles. To choose the right one for you, make sure to use reputable sources like online reviews and ratings from trusted websites that specialize in reviewing and ranking dating platforms. Read this if you want to compare the features of eHarmony and Match to help you decide which online dating platform may be right for you.

With that in mind, let’s look at three online dating apps that may be the best dating websites for men. Check out here the best online hookup sites. 


This dating app was the brainchild of techies in Silicon Valley. So it has the latest in sophisticated technology for its users, surpassing that of most other online dating apps when developed and launched in 2007. Today, it continues to lead the pack in features and innovations, with over 40 million registered users across the globe. 

Zoosk is a comprehensive dating app for those seeking either short-term casual dating or more serious long-term relationships, and that is a big part of its appeal. It offers a free trial membership that lets users do unlimited profile browsing and check out women in over 80 countries. However, looking for someone local is easily done by designating a geo-location.

One of the cool things about Zoosk is that it analyzes your on-app behavior as you move around and then presents matches based on your views and likes – that’s data science for you! Users can either search themselves for possible matches or use the app’s algorithm to present matches. There is also an “online now” feature that will let a user see if a potential match is currently available for a chat. Tinder boasts that it creates 26 million+ matches a day, and most of these are for guys and gals who are using the site’s free version.

The paid versions, tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, allow unlimited profile views globally. Still, most users stay closer to home – 1.5 million users go on actual dates with their matches every week.


Anyone who has looked for online dating sites has certainly heard of eHarmony. Over 10 million users of this app are now over 20 years old.

Users register by answering a lengthy questionnaire of 100 different questions related to personality, lifestyle, outside interests, and more. The questions are designed to get at the “real” person, so sometimes the same question will be asked in a different format. This is a lengthy process, but the app insists that it is the best way to find the best matches for those seeking serious relationships. There are also quizzes to take to further narrow the matches.

There are over 10 million users of the eHarmony app, users can personalize their profiles in many ways, and there are great safety features in place. They can even set up what is known as SecureCall, phoning matches on a secure, anonymous phone line. Online chat is also obviously available. And all users are asked to verify themselves. If they do not, that is made known to all matches.

While eHarmony focuses more on those seeking long-term relationships, users are free to use it for casual dating matches.

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What about men in the LGBTQ+ community? Yes, the two apps above serve this community, but here is an app where men meet men in a safe, comfortable environment, with a host of resources available to them. 

Taimi is the world’s largest dating app for all LGBTQ+ genders and sexual orientations. In fact, it has 11.5 members in 138 countries. The male gay and bisexual community is a huge group among these members, and the app is free to use.

Users register and set up their profiles with ease, creating their own bios with the help of questions from the app. Once the bio is published, Taimi’s algorithm begins to find matches that fit and present them. At this point, users swipe to accept or reject those matches. 

Users can geo-locate their matches should they be looking for a match to meet up with in person. Among the many resources that Taimi offers is a digest – a social networking feature that allows users to. More recently, Taimi has added live chat and live stream features, though there are strict policies for how they may be used. Click here for more information on these resources. Another great thing about Taimi is its safety. Taimi has careful verification processes to ensure users are who they say they are.

So, do Dating Apps Work for Guys?

Given the statistics on how many guys use online dating apps, it would certainly seem that online dating apps are working. Part of this, of course, is that they are efficient and streamlined methods to find potential matchups, no matter what the purpose may be. For busy men who want to search for someone, that search can occur at their leisure, 24 hours a day, in their own private ways. Online dating is certainly here to stay, and men seem to like it.

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