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Valentines Day Whiskey Review: Old Camp Peach Pecan Flavored Whiskey

Old Camp Peach Pecan Flavored Whiskey Review


Valentines Day means a compromise for those 20something year old’s in a relationship. Sipping a glass of whiskey after a long day of sitting in the office just would not be fair. That’s where Old Camp Peach Pecan Flavored Whiskey comes into play this upcoming Tuesday. It’s a liquor both you and your significant other can enjoy—especially mixed into a cocktail.

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This valentines, why not get build a new cocktail that is truly different unique and special? Old Camp Whisky, put out and backed by the fine gentlemen of the award winning country duo Florida-Georgia line, is an invention of the group that celebrates the rich history and flavors of the two bordering states of Florida and Georgia.

Don’t let the fact that it’s new fool you! Old Camp catches the best of both worlds, it manages to be innovative while at the same time maintaining the same high standards as many established brands of whisky.

Tasting this magnificent offering reveals strong initial notes of both peach and pecan, proudly proclaiming the Southern roots of both the brand and the liquor.  This whisky will be well received by the particular and distinguished whisky drinker who likes a deep flavor with a smooth finish. It could even be said that Old Camp tastes older than you would expect it to taste.

Also, one really nice thing about Old Camp is that it won’t break the bank any time soon; it comes in at a mere $21.99 a bottle. As a matter of fact, one could say that it’s really hard to find a bottle like this anywhere near this price range. We personally think over here that this price is a great bargain for the kind of quality these boys are putting out.


Old Camp is currently available at liquor stores nation-wide and for those who prefer to not get up from their comfortable spot, it can also be ordered online here, after which it will be promptly shipped right to your door. This option may very well be worth it for those among us who hate going to the store for that Valentine’s Day rush and would rather just have it shipped out!

So, this Valentine’s Day, treat your lover to a special cocktail using a Old Camp Whiskey. Our recommendation is that you buy a bottle of Old Camp whisky to make a cocktail that tastes good to both you and her. Watch the smile on her face as she takes he first sip. And then watch that smile deepens as she drinks even more. That’s when you know you’ve done it again. Very smooth of you.


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A sample of Old Camp Whiskey was provided to us for this review. All opinions expressed are own own.