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Macallan Masters Decanter Series Revisited

The word “vintage” has a very special meaning in the modern gentleman’s dictionary.

Usually reserved to describe things of high quality produced in a certain era, the word has grown to attach itself to some of the highest forms of entertainment and lifestyle choices.  Sipping on glasses of the Macallan Masters Decanters Series of whisky and food pairings inside a garage full of “super cars” made for luxurious and appropriate backdrop for the evening in the post-hipster Wynwood arts and entertainment district.

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

Dressed in some of my finest threads, my suited Russian driver picked me up from my condo in Miami Beach courtesy of Macallan. Off we drove a short distance to the auto art gallery for the gourmet dining and whisky tasting experience.

Entering the venue both the other guests and myself were transported to one of the more impressive car collections as if straight out of a film like Kingsman: The Secret Service or any of the James Bond flicks. But really it’s the creation of Elo, the former face of Levis, Dr Martens, Kangol and other brands from the 1990’s.

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer
Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @mileswittboyer

The cars, the white tablecloth dining set up, and the various displays that showcased the Macallan Masters Decanters Series in all its glory, definitely were a sight to behold.

Prior to our formal dinner myself and other guests mingled while drinking the mixologist’s Miami Whisky Sour and Smoking Rosemary and Maple cocktails crafted from The Macallan rare Cask whisky. The conversation flowed easily as some of us admired a 1961 196 SP Ferrari, 1955 SL 300 Mercedes Gullwing, and 1958 450 S Maserati while enjoying a few Macallan cocktails.

Taking inspiration from The Macallan’s iconic triangle and designed to celebrate its natural colour, Rare Cask is presented in a sculpted, heavy glass decanter. – Macallan

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

Our host, a Scottish born but English raised Macallan expert, asked us to take our seats as she explained the ins and outs of how their sherry casks make Macallan whisky unique from other high end whiskey brands.

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

I was seated at a long banquet table covered in a quality white tablecloth with red sherry colored cloth napkins. Macallan clearly pays attention to the detail. I glanced over the Macallan whisky tasting menu in anticipation.

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

The single malt whiskeys offered throughout the dinner experience:

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer
  • The Rare Cask, which starts from the value of $300.
  • The Reflexion, which starts from the value of $1,400.
  • The No. 6, which starts from the value of $4,000.
  • The M, which starts from the value $5,000 – is the showstopper of the Masters Series and considered the world’s most valuable whiskey.
Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

Pata Negra Caviar, served with the Macallan Rare Cask.

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

Smoked Scallop Tartare and Beef Tartare, served with the Macallan Reflexion.

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

Vegan “Osso Buco”, served with the Macallan No. 6.

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

The Osso Buco comprised mostly of mushrooms, but tasted so magnificent that it would beat a Kobe steak any day. The serving of Macallan No. 6 only enhanced its taste – which, it is pretty safe to say, is the exact effect that the chefs were going for.

Venison Loin, served with the Macallan M.

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

Charlotte Reveal.

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

The Charlotte Reveal, on the other hand, came without a separate serving of luxury spirits.This was simply because it already had a very interesting “reveal” within. The dessert was a huge chocolate sphere with dry ice foaming beside it for the most visual experience. As a way to play with the senses as a gastronomic experience, the servers poured syrup onto the dish, which melted the chocolate shell and revealed a cake with a handful of Macallan whiskey soaked cherries.

The tasting menu was served in chronological order, and each of the whiskey pairing went beautifully with its corresponding dish. The vegan Osso Buco and Charlotte Reveal stole the culinary show but Macallan No. 6 and Macallan M were the stars.

“No. 6 brings together the art of whisky making with Lalique exquisite craftsmanship to create a stunning whisky encased in the finest crystal decanter. This rich, complex single malt takes its unique natural color and character from first fill sherry seasoned oak casks from Spain, handcrafted by the master craftsmen of Jerez de la Frontera, the home of sherry. The casks are taken from a single cooperage in order to ensure the infinite quality and character at the heart of this rich single malt. The cooperage exclusively creates Spanish oak casks which, once seasoned with sherry, create the unique flavor of this exquisite whisky. Rich in spice and dried fruit with a layer of heady orange groves, this is an enticing, dark, whisky that delivers classic Macallan character.” – Macallan

Few things exude the sense of craftsmanship that is denoted to “vintage” than a certain sense of style, a collection of high end whiskey, or some sweet old school muscle cars. And when that combination of things is brought together, that’s just a rare evening.

Credit Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer – @MilesWittBoyer

As a red-blooded individual that values a rare cars, delicious gourmet offerings, and single malt whiskey; Macallan 1824 Masters Decanter Series exceeded expectations as our host led us to our final toast – slàinte.

The Macallan hosted me at this special whisky tasting event in Miami. All opinions are of Aspiring Gentleman only.
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