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Mad Men’s Whiskies

Image by Artur Czuba from Pixabay

I just finished watching Sunday night’s Mad Men, and once again whisky featured a critical role.  In the scene Don is waiting in the hospital while Betty is having the baby.  Another guy – Dennis – is also waiting for his wife and child, and has a celebratory bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label with him.  Don, never one to turn down a drink, partakes with him.  This is the first time I recall JW Red appearing on the show, but other whiskies often feature.  Pete Campbell usually has a bottle of The Glenlivet in his office and Canadian Club is Don’s mainstay drink (along with Old Fashioned’s).  Speaking of Old-Fashioned’s, here’s how to make them.  I personally am not so concerned about having orange bits in the drink, so I’ll often muddle an orange slice into the drink at the start, but this is pretty close.  A couple episodes back Don was stuck without bourbon, so he made one with rye, bitters, lemon, sugar, water and ice.  No orange/cherry involved.

Featured Image by Artur Czuba from Pixabay

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