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3 Spirits Dad will appreciate for Father’s Day.

It’s almost Father’s day and you haven’t gotten him a thing. Gift cards don’t quite cut it and a card with cash feels way too impersonal. What do you get for the man who has everything? Booze. Duh! Lets find Spirits Dad will appreciate.

Spirits never Disappoint

Wine and Spirits are the perfect way to say I love you and I know I drive you crazy. There is a wide world of flavors to choose from and the price tags can range from moderate to extravagant. If you choose correctly you can select something that will be the perfect way for Dad to unwind after a long day or be the thing he hangs on to for that next big celebration.

Papa’s Pilar-Never a spectator

Papa’s Pilar is a Rum that never takes the road well traveled and is a Spirits Dad will appreciate. Inspired by the life of Ernest Hemingway and named after his beloved boat, Papa’s Pilar Rum has intentions on leaving a lasting legacy. Produced in Key West they have a strong commitment to producing Rums that tell a story. Both versions are perfection when served neat, but are just as good when used in your favorite cocktail. The Blonde rum is perfect for rum punch and the Dark Rum really elevates the classic Dark & Stormy. Dad will appreciate Papa’s Pilar Rum whether he is out on the boat or after a long morning of lawn work.

Wild Turkey Longbranch- Oak and Texas Mesquite Charcoal refined

If Wild Turkey Longbranch is good enough for Matthew McConaughey chances are it’ll suite Dad’s taste. The Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is aged eight years and boasts smokey notes. Even though its 86 proof it has a mild nose that is comprised of caramel and nutmeg notes. While it is balanced you do get to enjoy some creaminess with some notes of honey. The most interesting part of this Bourbon is Charcoal filtering. The two-step process results in a touch of smoke on the finish which seems fitting for a Bourbon endorsed by a Hollywood powerhouse who still holds on to his down-home roots.

Anty Gin- Red Wood Ants for Flavor

Usually, ants in your pants isn’t a good thing but somehow the folks over at Nordic Food Lab and the world’s first gin tailor, The Cambridge Distillery thought they could be put to use elsewhere. Anty Gin is using Formica rufa, the Redwood ant as a unique flavor booster for Gin. According to the blog, “They communicate using a host of chemical pheromones, which allow them to form immense colonies housed in large mounds, and they defend their complex communities by producing formic acid in their abdomens and spraying it in the direction of any invader. Luckily for us, these very compounds hold great delicious potential. Formic acid (the simplest organic carboxylic acid, with the chemical formula HCOOH) is a very reactive compound in alcohol, serving as an agent for producing various aromatic esters. Furthermore, many of their chemical pheromones are the same volatile molecules we perceive as aroma. Through distillation of these wood ants, we can explore the tasty universe of these naturally occurring molecules and reactions, capturing the flavours of this fascinating species.” Each bottle includes around 62 Redwood ants and much like the Tequila worm should be saved to be savored at the very end. If your Dad that likes to walk on the wild side with his martinis this is definitely the Gin for him.

Papa Pilar provided rum for Review. All opinions are my own.