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How To Quit Smoking

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How To Quit Smoking

It might seem difficult to quit smoking, but it doesn’t have to be – there are a number of methods to do it successfully, and a plethora of patches and gums that can be purchased to help you. In order to finally put down the butts and finally break the cycle of addiction, follow these helpful hints on how to quit.

Quit Smoking
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Know Your Motivation

Addictions are tough to break, due to their physical and mental hold over a person. That is why it is important to have your own personal motivation and stick to it. Perhaps you are inspired by your spouse and children’s encouragement to quit, or maybe you are tired of not having the ability to properly exercise? Regardless of what your motivation may be, it must be internal. Willpower will only get you so far. It might also be useful to read some on the topic to understand better the issue, which you can do at a little cost with a few selected coupons.

Cold Turkey Is A No No

Sure, the dramatic flushing of the cigarettes down the toilet or the tossing of the carton makes for a great scene, but in reality 95 percent of those who attempt to quit cold turkey end up having a relapse at some point in the future. Purchasing nicotine patches and other therapeutic methods is a much more effective method for kicking off your addiction free existence.

Have A Support System

Quitting smoking is hard and no one should be forced to do it alone. Be sure to convey to your closest friends and family members that you are trying to quit. The encouragement that they can provide ends up making a great difference. If you do not wish to share this information with anyone in your life, don’t be afraid to join a support group for like minded individuals or contact a counselor.

Keep Stress Low

A primary reason for backsliding into nicotine addiction once you’ve tried to quit is typically stress. After all, lowering stress is what started you off smoking in the first place, isn’t it? When you want to continue down the proper path, it is best to keep external forms of stress low. Steering clear of stressful situations during the first few weeks gives you a much better chance of sustaining a non cigarette smoking lifestyle.

Steer Clear Of Your Triggers

Some cigarette smokers enjoy having a smoke alongside of their favorite beer. Others may prefer to fire up a butt after consuming a particularly large meal. Whatever your triggers may be, avoid them completely during the initial stages of quitting. It is also important to find replacement activities for your triggers. If alcohol triggers the urge to smoke, avoid alcoholic beverages and drink soda instead. Instead of having a cigarette after dinner, grab a stick of chewing gum.