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How to: Coolidor / Coolerdor

Image by DivvyPixel from Pixabay

Do you think spanish cedar humidors are too fancy?  Too expensive?  Need more space to hold a few boxes of cigars?  Want something with incredibly reliable humidity and temperature?  Willing to get your hands a little dirty? Enter the coolidor/coolerdor.

The idea goes something like this:  Purchase or find a cooler, buy a humidifier (beads, floral foam, or similar) and hygrometer, buy some spanish cedar, and throw it all together.  Voila!  That’s really all there is to it.  For the handyman, however, you can get much more fancy.  You can even use a thermoelectric wine cooler (a.k.a. the fridgeador) — giving the whole thing a pretty nice look.  If the idea of having a large humidor that’s incredibly consistent and less than $200 sounds good, this is definitely a solution worth looking into.  A lot of connoisseurs even think this is a better solution than the traditional humidor.  The following links are the place to start.

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  • Coolidor.com: Plenty of great info

Best of luck in your planning, building, storing, and smoking.

Featured Image by DivvyPixel from Pixabay