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Christmas Vaping Gift Guide

Everyone’s favourite time of the year is fast approaching, which makes it the perfect time to shop for a vaping gift for that special someone in your life. Whether they are already a seasoned vaper or looking for that little bit of help to stop smoking in the New Year, we havethe perfect gift option for you.

Starter Kits, for people who need that little push to give up

All the medical evidence demonstrates that vaping is significantly better for you than smoking: a 2015 NHS report suggested that it was 95% better for you than smoking. Given that Christmas falls just before the New Year, a starter kit might be the perfect nudge for someone who is thinking about giving up smoking for good. Vaping starter kits begin from as little as $10, with the Logic Pro Silver Device, and range all the way up to top of the range models like the Aspire Zelos Kit at $60. A full list of starter kits can be found at a variety of online vaping stores such as Vape Shop. So why not start someone you love on the way to a healthier relationship with nicotine this Christmas?

A wide variety of e-liquids for all tastes

One of the great joys of vaping is the incredible variety of flavours that you can enjoy, however, humans are creatures of habit and vapers are no different. The perfect Christmas treat for any of your loved ones, who vape, would be a selection of e-liquids for them to experiment with. Perhaps, they will find a new staple, but even if they don’t they will have great fun trying all the delights on offer.  E-Liquidflavours  range from almond to kiwi and everything in between, so check out their variety of e-liquids available for something to get your friend’s and family’s taste buds dripping.

Ecig Hardware, to keep their gear top of the range

Every vaper knows that the better your gear is the better your vape is, sub-standard gear, or gear that is a little bit on the old side, can ruin even the best tasting e-liquid; and what is the point of spending lots of money on the best equipment, if you let it wear down or get old? However, vapers can sometimes be too lazy to update their equipment: thinking that it can’t make that much difference, or that it costs too much. So, why not buy them that new tank or coil that they really need, to give them that extra special vaping experience this Christmas.

Rigs for seasoned vapers, who have been using the same one for too long

Do you know a vaper that has been using the same starter rig forever? Perhaps, they are attached to it because they used it to give up smoking, or perhaps they are just a bit conservative and don’t like change. Whatever the reason a new rig may be the perfect gift for them this Christmas. The first reason for this is that given that vaping is a relatively new industry, technology is improving all the time, so, a new rig may improve their vaping experience in ways they don’t imagine. Rigs like the Joyetech Penguin Kit are at the very forefront of vaping technology, making them the perfect gift this Christmas. The other reason is that vapers are creatures of habit: their favourite rig may no longer be the best one for them and what could be a more memorable gift, than supplying them with the next one they will be attached to? Whatever the reason a variety of online vendors have the perfect set of new vape kits, to give the people you love that extra special vape, this Christmas.

Festive Fun

Christmas is all about fun and memorable gifts: whether you are giving someone a nudge to give up smoking by introducing them to vaping and getting them a pack of the all new Flum Float wholesale disposable vapes, buying them a selection of titillating e-liquids to sample, giving them the gear to upgrade their vaping experience or anything else.. And let’s not forget, swapping smoking for vaping gets you right ahead of your usual New Year’s resolutions!