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Why Skydiving In Croatia Should Be on Your Bucket List

I have come to realize that as time goes by and I age, the priorities that go into my bucket list keep changing. For instance, I always dream of a big, happy family with twin daughters and a Hulk son to take care of them; it is no longer about fancy cars and trending fashion. Interestingly, I have recently become attracted to a sport I never thought I would ever experience beyond my television screen –skydiving!

Here, read on as I explain why skydiving should be on your bucket list, and, to be specific, Skydiving in Croatia.

If you start researching for the fun things to do in Croatia, you will probably not find skydiving in most of the material that you find. Well, maybe adrenaline-packed adventures are not termed as “fun” in most cases and that explains the occurrence. However, I will let out a big secret to you: no other place beats Croatia when it comes to this sport. Apart from being a popular destination for the same, I learnt that you get to enjoy an incredible, spectacular view of the Velebit Mountain and the Adriatic Sea as you float 3,000 feet above the ground.

Pre-Jump enjoyment

Skydiving in Croatia is unique from most other destinations in that before you jump into the thrill, you are treated to some minutes of flying. You get to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of national parks, mountain ranges and calm seas. This also provides you with the opportunity to choose your landing spot.


Once the sighting is over, you can jump, together with a dedicated instructor, into the adventure. Your safety is always guaranteed as you have the moments of your life 3,000 feet in the air. Your parachute is always checked before you are airborne, and, therefore, the total activity gives you ultimate peace of mind. The City of Zadar is the best regarding atmospheric conditions and prime landing bases.

Apart from the instructors, there are photography teams that accompany skydivers to ensure you retain the memories not only in your head but photo album, too. I can barely take my mind off the thought of posing for a photo floating in mid-air!


Unlike most other adventures that end abruptly, skydiving in Croatia ends in an orgasmic tone. As you touch land again, you are entitled to more choices: to land and rest, or, land and go for a swim. Whichever the choice you pick, the fun continues with more professional photography and non-stop barbecue served by the friendliest people in Europe.

I cannot wait for this wish to materialize. In fact, I think my next holiday will take me to Croatia for the skydiving adventure. In the meantime, as the fantasy settles, I think we should be searching high and low for more tips about skydiving!