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Why Mumbai Is A Must-Visit Place for Tourists

Why Mumbai Is A Must-Visit Place for Tourists
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If you are planning to visit Mumbai, there are countless reasons to do so. Right from nature to nightlife, the city has so much to offer to the tourists. So let’s have a look at some of the prominent reasons for you to travel to this city, just in case you need some motivation before final booking flights from Bangalore to Mumbai or any other city.

 Also known as the city of dreams, Mumbai is a commercial capital and is known for its excellent railway network, which carries more passengers than any other rail network in the world. The city has around 20 million-strong population consisting of many people who come to try their fate in Mumbai.


Mumbai is one of the finest cities if you want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Right from the clubs and lounges to underground music places, the city offers something to everyone. So it is safe to go for a night out in this city which makes the nightlife a stress-free visit for tourists.


The city is not only a chilling place for night lovers; it is also a favorite destination for nature lovers. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the biggest urban park, the location within the city borders, and contains rare flora and fauna and a resident tiger population. You can watch birds or go for tracking in this park. Even if you are looking for some more tracking areas, you can go from Harishchandragad to Kalsubai park, present in the vicinity of this park.


Mumbai has some mouth-watering dishes to offer to foodies. Earlier the city was known for kebabs which have fans from all over India. But now, along with Kebabs, you can see many South Indian restaurants, street food stalls, and other eating joints serving some delicious food items like Vada Pav, which is the specialty of Mumbai.

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Right from the Chor Bazar to the historic Crawford Market, the city is known for its finest market, where shopping lovers can get everything right from clothing, souvenirs to spices that can meet your needs.


If you have an interest in architecture work, then Mumbai will surely make you happy. Visit Kanheri caves which is an excellent example of the finest work of that century. You will be amazed to see the architectural work, which took almost ten centuries to get completed.


Enclosed with the water of the Arabian Sea, Mumbai is a place for beach lovers. You can see a huge crowd on every beach during evening time, as people love to spend some time with their loved ones at such places. There are around 35+ beaches in Mumbai.

Fashion within your budget

The city is known as the unofficial fashion capital as you can find steal deals on stylish boutiques, affordable jewelry, and designer jewelry. The city has many exciting offers for fashion lovers irrespective of their budgets.


If you are looking for a contemporary art scene, go to Mumbai. Right from Chapel Road’s iconic street art to Jehangir Art Gallery and Kala Ghoda, the city is a treat for art lovers. And if you have a love for historical beauty, you can visit history cave temples and museums, including Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya and Bhau Daji Lad Museum.

I hope the above points are enough for you to plan a trip to Mumbai in the coming vacations. Pack your bags for Mumbai this time as this place has a lot of places to visit.

Have a memorable journey!

Featured Image by travel sync27 from Pixabay