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Why More People are Renting on AIRBNB

renting a home vs renting a hotel room for FIrst Time House Hunters
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When it comes to booking getaways, more and more people are choosing to go holidaying in groups and putting their money together in order to rent and stay in private houses and apartments rather than in hotel rooms. AIRBNB is one of the largest platforms to provide rental options.

Why is this a growing trend, and should you consider doing the same for your next trip? Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of a holiday rental home.

Renting Homes vs staying in a hotel
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

A Lot More Space for Feeling Comfortable Throughout Your Stay

If you have ever stayed in a budget hotel room—or even a fancier, higher end hotel room—you know how quickly and easily you can start to feel cramped and confined within the space. But with a holiday home, you can expect to have potentially thousands of square feet of living space, including multiple rooms, a kitchen, and maybe even multiple bathrooms.

The Cost is Actually Lower When You Break It Down

When you really break down and analyze the costs of renting a hotel room versus renting a holiday house, you will likely find that it is actually cheaper to get the house than the hotel room. This is because you will be splitting the cost of the house amongst several people, whereas a hotel room would restrict you on the number of people that can stay with you.

More Privacy and Amenities

Imagine having a private in-ground pool all to yourself and your group. Well, that is exactly what you can have when you rent out a holiday home. On the flipside, you would have to share a pool with the hundreds of other people staying in a hotel at the same time as you. When searching on AIRBNB add pool to your filter, its that easy.

On top of that, with the many high end luxury apartments to rent, you can also expect to have more amenities, including a kitchen and laundry room. This translates to even more savings because you will not need to pay for food at expensive restaurants all the time. Instead, you can purchase ingredients affordably and prepare delicious meals in your rental home. Plus, you will not need to worry about shelling out money to clean your clothes either, and you can have a clean supply of your clothes at all times.

Other Convenient Extras

Not all hotels provide their guests with free Wi-Fi, but a holiday rental home usually does. In the same way, a hotel could charge a lot of money every day just to park your car there, but with a rental home, you will have plenty of parking that is absolutely free. These little extras are not only convenient, but they can also save you a lot of money that you can spend on other activities during your trip.

Now that you know a few of the many reasons why more people are choosing to rent out holiday homes rather than hotel rooms for their trips on AIRBNB , you can make appropriate plans the next time you need to get away. Check out places like Carlton Court Apartments Mayfair for luxurious options that will ensure you have an unforgettable holiday.