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Where are the Best Places in Europe to Book an All-Inclusive Holiday?

With the rise of the internet and the increase of smartphone and tablet users, it is now easier than ever to search for your ideal holiday package. There are endless numbers of holiday and flight price comparison sites, as well as other online operators, and quite frankly, there are thousands upon thousands of great priced holidays to pick from. This, of course, means you could spend far too long sieving through the wide choice of travel options which could very quickly become a laborious task. Reading online travel blogs and printed material is no doubt beneficial, but time consuming. What would be useful is something you can interact with, ask questions and get customised responses from. One such example is the All-Inclusive Generator from Alpharooms that suggests locations based on preferred climate and holiday activities.

If you’re still struggling (or your just particularly picky!) fear not, as to help narrow your search we’ve put together a few choice European all-inclusive selections you may want to consider.


If you’re looking to get away with the family and you have young children hoping to have some fun abroad, then you’ll find a number of great resorts in Greece. There are wonderful sandy beaches for them to play on with some offering donkey rides and other exciting beach-related activities. These family-friendly resorts and surrounding areas offer much for family tourists and there will certainly be something for everyone to enjoy.



Right on the doorstep of Spain sits Portugal and it’s the perfect blend of old and new, as well as being a great destination for those of all ages. Perhaps its best known, and most travelled, area is the Algarve – but for good reason. Occupying the entire southern coast, the region remains temperate all-year-round, has a number of high quality beaches and provides the best Portuguese cuisine has to offer. If you’re looking for an ideal destination for couples as well as families, booking a summer getaway to the Algarve would be a big step in the right direction. There is plenty of all-inclusive modern resorts that offer excellent facilities, and idyllic surroundings steeped in rich history. With Portugal, there is plenty to see and to learn about.


For those of the younger generation looking for more of a lively break in Europe, you will find a vibrant nightlife, clubs and bars across many top partying spots around Spain. Benidorm, Andalusia, Galicia, and, of course, Ibiza are just a small selection of popular destinations across the country that bask in the hot sun as tourists flock each year to enjoy the party’s that go on long into the early hours. The drink flows and the music and dancing continues all night long.



One of the most overlooked European holiday destinations is Croatia. This beautiful country has over 1700 kilometres of coastline and that means some incredibly serene white sandy beaches. With over 10 million visitors each year, Croatia has certainly become a very popular destination over the past few years, and thanks to its Mediterranean appeal, this popularity will surely continue.

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