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What Is the Best Value Sleeping Bags Available in Australia?

What Is the Best Value Sleeping Bags Available in Australia?
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When it comes to the best value sleeping bags that Australia has to offer, there are a wide variety of forms and sizes, as well as a variety of materials and temperature ratings. If you’re in the market for a new sleeping bag, how do you decide which model is right for you? Ozbackcountry sleeping bags can certainly help you in that regard. 

To get a sleeping bag that will serve you well for many years to come, keep the following things in mind:

Temperature Rating 

A sleeping bag’s temperature rating tells you what weather conditions it’s best suited for. The best sleeping bag for cold weather will have a different temperature guide than the best sleeping bag for warm weather, for example. This is because cold weather requires a different kind of sleeping bag.

Choosing the right sleeping bag can be tricky because not all sleeping bag manufacturers use the same temperature rating method. The EN13537 rating – the European standard for labeling sleeping bags – is the only rating found on all sleeping bags. Temperature ratings are expressed in three levels by this standard:

Lower limit: This is the maximum temperature at which a man can sleep soundly. Males require less insulation to keep warm than women. Hence this model is based on a guy.

Comfort: This is the level of warmth a lady needs to sleep peacefully. A woman is used to it because she needs more insulation to keep warm than a guy does. This is the lowest temperature at which a guy may sleep without becoming uncomfortable.

Extreme: This is the lowest temperature you would be able to withstand without freezing to death if you were able to sleep peacefully. 


They come in various weights, from ultra-lightweight sleeping bags (less than 1 kg) to heavier conventional sleeping bags (4-5 kg). If you want a warm sleeping bag, you’ll likely have a heavier one. There is a down sleeping bag, which is really light but also very pricey if you’re willing to spend the money.

If you’re looking for the greatest hiking sleeping bag Australia has to offer or a sleeping bag that you can carry while trekking, then the weight of your sleeping bag is critical.

Sleeping Bag Hood

You lose a lot of heat through your head, so a sleeping bag with a built-in hood is ideal for cold weather camping. The hood’s drawcord keeps the heat in and the cold out. As an added bonus, some hoods come with a cushion pocket that you can fill with clothing to make a pillow.

There are many different types of sleeping bags out there, and this guide will help you select the right one for your next camping trip or expedition. This short buyer’s guide walks you through all the key factors you should consider to make sure you choose the best value sleeping bag for camping in Australia.