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Visiting Europe with the Blue Walk!

Blue Walk

A New Year is going to begin and with a New Year, comes new plans, new goals, new motivations and of course it includes your travel plans for the next year. If Europe is on your bucket list for 2018, I suggest you go through a European tour guide, The Blue Walk, in order to make hassle-free and convenient travel plans and enjoy a wonderful stay at places like France, Italy, England and others.

The Blue Walk is different from other tour guides. Instead of providing information about the history of the places, its architecture, and relevance, it offers something different to the tourists. They encourage you to enjoy the vast horizon of nature under the open sky, to run through the greenery of nature. The Blue Walk stresses on the experience, people and beauty of nature with a luxurious stay. Most of their vacations take place in undiscovered places of popular European countries where the tourists can stay at luxurious hotels and resorts while enjoying their time leisurely at the beautiful coastlines, villages and other open spaces. Each of these tours includes leisure walks for 1 hour to a ½ day in some of the most exquisite locations of the world where you can simply enjoy the incredible beauty of nature. You may ditch your hiking shoes and heavy backpacks because the walks are not difficult – you can roam around at your own pace to your dream destinations which are a combination of coastal wandering, beautiful walking trails and urban strolling.

The Blue Walk first started in 2011 and they aim at providing unique and authentic experiences to the tourists and also offer a high level of creativity and care. A few of their most popular travel options for 2018 include water colouring and sketching in Paris, walking tour in the Greek coastal towns of Athens, Amorgos, Naxos and Santorini, walking tour in the French coast Riviera, Bolzano Wine tour, water colouring and sketching in Italy, and walking tour in Cinque Terre and Lake Como among others. For experiencing a memorable vacation with The Blue Walk, it is always advisable that you check your schedule and make plans soon. Make sure you book in advance before the tour packages are sold out so you don’t miss the golden opportunity to explore these dream destinations.

There is a small surprise for the aspiring travellers. The Blue Walk is offering an exclusive deal for you all, which is availed only through The Aspiring Gentleman. You can book your package before 31st December 2017, and avail this exciting offer, all you need to do is mention the Aspiring Gentleman during your booking on The Blue Walks website and you can enjoy a free night stay at a luxurious hotel the night before the tour. Exciting, isn’t it? Since you are already going, why not plan now and get a free night on The Aspiring Gentleman and Blue Walk!

Let review what you are getting:

  • Enjoy an extra night of luxury at no extra cost
  • Travel with a peace of mind as you don’t need to worry about anything.
  • It is relatively easier on the pockets.
  • You can learn new things. For example, you can learn more about sketches and colouring from renowned artists on Art Walks.
  • Extend your personal networks and connect with like-minded people on the trips.
  • Enjoy high quality services offered by the travel agency.
  • All the essentials will be taken care of by them while you relax and enjoy your trip.

You cannot change your schedule at any time, since these are booked fast and are small intimate tours. Apart from this, travelling with The Blue Walks for a unique travel experience would be the best choice that you can opt for. A great year is almost nearing its end while another beautiful one is waiting to begin. What could be better than planning for and gifting yourself one mesmerizing holiday that will help you to rejuvenate your energy and you will have the best experience of your life!