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Things Your Urine Says About Your Health

Your health is the biggest asset you have that you must guard every time. To ensure you monitor your health well, it is necessary to understand your body and some of the things that could indicate you have some issues. One way you could check whether you are having issues that need to be checked is by studying the color of your urine. It contains a lot of things that could tell a lot about what is happening in your body.

Here is a preview of some of the things your urine says about your health that you should be aware of.

Its color carries a lot of information

The urine of a healthy person is usually yellowish and sometimes almost clear to bright yellow. The yellowish color is because it contains urobilins (the pigment responsible for turning the urine yellow) and when you take a lot of water, the urine gets diluted and thus the amount of the urobilins is lowered, thereby getting an almost clear color. If it is darker, it might be an indication you should hydrate, but this does not necessarily mean you are facing any serious issues that might put your health on the line. However, when the color changes to something else, you have reasons to worry as this could be the beginning of a series of health problems.

When your urine is cloudy

The cloudy color present in your urine might be an indicator that it contains phosphate, and this could lead to kidney stones. If you observe that it constantly has a cloudy color, that could point to the possibility of having an infection that should be checked as fast as possible. It is advisable in such a case to see a doctor for a diagnosis that will real the real cause behind the change in color and if there are underlying health issues they should be addressed.

Smelly urine

It is not that urine smells nice, but we all know how normal urine smells. You can easily tell when your urine has a strange smell and this could be caused by a number of issues including drugs you have been taking, or even coffee or asparagus. If the smell comes at a time when you have not taken any drugs or substances that are able to interfere with its smell, it is only advisable you check in to your doctor for checkups that will reveal any underlying issues. Additionally, you might visit experts who specialize in urine drug tests for further information. This site offers you exceptional service in that regard. They are the best ones out there.

Reddish or pink color

Pink or red color could be as a result of eating rhubarb or blueberries, or some reddish food. The reason might also be due to medication and in rare cases, it could be that blood has mixed with urine.

Urine tests help to reveal any underlying health problems you might be facing that require urgent solutions. Talk with your document about lifestyle changes or medication options that will help.  If you are dealing with an overactive bladder make sure to talk about medication options with your doctor and check out myrbetriq price as this is a great option. Be sure to be observant and keen about the color and smell of your urine to get hints to health problems that might be building up gradually before discussing with your doctor.