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Why You Should Try an Adventure Holiday

Why spend a week lazing on a beach when you could go on an unforgettable adventure holiday? Excitement, thrills and new cultural experiences, adventure holidays have so much more to offer than your standard beach break and you get to see more of the world too. Here’s all the reasons why you should try an adventure holiday this year and live life to the full:

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

Holidays are packed with once in a lifetime experiences that normal holidays just can’t compete with. Encounters Travel Thailand Adventure Tours explore everything from Thailand’s rainforests to deserted beaches and bustling cities. From the famous Khaosan Road  to having the opportunity to visit countless different islands and sample the local cuisine, an adventure holiday offers amazing experiences you just can’t get on a beach holiday.

The Challenge

One of the best things about going on an adventure holiday is the number of opportunities you get to challenge yourself. From being able to say you trekked up a mountain, rode an elephant or went white water rafting, you have the opportunity to challenge yourself with exciting and varied activities that a normal holiday just doesn’t offer. The sense of achievement that you’ll feel when you return home after completing so many new challenges in invaluable.

Try New Things

Most of the time when we go on beach holidays or city breaks we tend to experience the same things that we do at home. With an adventure holiday, you’ll be out of your comfort zone and have to experience lots of new things. Holidays mean you’re always on the go staying in different types of accommodation and meeting groups of new people who you probably wouldn’t bond with on a beach holiday.


The main reason you should try an adventure holiday is because they’re so much fun! From swimming in gorgeous oceans to dance lessons, cooking classes, abseiling, climbing, hiking and discovering new places there’s nothing quite like an adventure holiday for having fun.

These are just some of the main reasons you should try an adventure holiday today. Get a unique experience of countries that you’ve seen on TV and push yourself to see it to the full with an adventure holiday. It’s the only way to properly explore a place and find out about the local culture whilst being able to go on adrenaline filled excursions.