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Top 5 lost photo recovery software

Losing the photographs can be the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Sadly, the same thing happened to me last month when I clicked on a viral site, my computer was corrupted and all the files were lost. It was the worst day of my life because all my best memories with friends and family were stored in it. There is photo recovery software that can assist in getting your photos back.

I was heartbroken until I searched online and got some hope when found that there is file recovery software that can help you recover any type of lost files. I was on top of the world because these were genuine free data recovery software. So here, I have collaborated the top 5 of them that might help you as well in such situation.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

It is the best software that I found. Apart from being free to use it is very easy and has numerous features. The software scanned the entire deleted file and allowed me to select the photos I wanted to recover and after deep scanning, I got all the images back. This file recovery software can recover any file from any device external or internal regardless of its format.


Free image recovery software is providing the safest techniques for recovering your pictures. The best feature of this free data recovery software is that it can support 440 formats of images, which means that you can almost recover any picture.

Apart from the image recovery, the file recovery software will also run a complete search that will allow you to recover other files as well. The software is available in two different versions.

Free any photo recovery

It is a free to use and very efficient software that will allow you to recover any format of images, audios, and videos. The free data recovery software can recover the files from hard drive, PC and USB. The advanced file scanning feature of the software will quickly scan and recover all the photos that you wanted. You can also preview the photos before you select the files for recovery.

Pandora recovery

Free file recovery software will run a deep scan of the hard disk to find all the files that have been deleted. You have to make sure that the files are not overwritten because then they will become undetectable by the software.

The software will find all the deleted files and will recover them to a folder where you will prefer.

Undelete 360

Powerful free data recovery software has been developed to recover photos from any of the device whether external or internal. The software is capable of recovering the files regardless of the cause of their deletion. It also has a special wipe file feature that will help you to delete the files that you never want to be recovered.

So if you are suffering because you have deleted the photos that were close to your heart. Do not worry because the file recovery software is here to your rescue.