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Top Tourist Attractions You Can Find Near Luxury Villa Rentals in Barbados

If you really want to have an especially good time with your special someone, you may want to go somewhere exotic. We strongly recommend a holiday in Barbados where you can rent a luxury villa without burning a hole in your pocket. This will give you the privacy you need and the relaxed atmosphere that will help take away the stress and tension of your busy life.

Luxury villa rentals in Barbados are very nice, furnished with classy furniture and fixtures and state of the art electronics. Many of them have pools too, or a Jacuzzi at least.

Thesehigh-end villas are fantastic, but surely you don’t expect to be cooped up there throughout your vacation, right? The tourist attractions in Barbados await you, and you may want to check if your villa is near any of these must-visit spots:

1. Bathsheba village. Bathsheba is the biblical woman who beguiled King David, and the village that shares the name is equally as beguiling. It’s actually a rather quaint neighborhood, but it really is the epicenter of all the touristy attractions of the whole Atlantic east coast of Barbados. Here you will find the tourist spots like the Andromeda Tropical Botanical Gardens and Flowers Forest.

You’re more likely to enjoy the Soup Bowl, which is a nickname for Bathsheba Beach. It’s a great place for stunning photos, as you’ll find lots of huge rock formations along the beach standing out as colossal mushrooms of the sea. It’s a great place to surf as well, though the powerful undercurrents can be dangerous for young swimmers.Crane Beach. This is one of the most celebrated beaches in Barbados, and for good reason. The waters are beautiful and you can relax while you sunbathe on the gorgeous pink coral sand. You’ll need to go down numerous steps if you’re coming from your own villa instead of from the Crane Beach Hotel, but it’s worth the effort. Somehow it’s like you’re descending towards heaven.

2. Harrison’s Cave. This is a crystallized limestone cavern, with varied features that include deep pools, cascades, streams, and waterfalls. You’ll use an electrical tram to traverse the route that spans 1.5 kilometers. Near the entrance of Harrison’s Cave, you can stop first at the visitor’s center to peer at their displays of Arawak Indian artifacts. Then you can go deep into the cavern, where installed lights allow a magnificent view of the cascading waters along with the stalagmites and stalactites. It’s both fascinating and somehow romantic.

3. Flower Forest. Speaking of romantic, your lady friend will in all likelihood appreciate a visit to the picturesque vistas of Flower Forest. It’s located at the Richmond Plantation in central Barbados. It’s really a former sugar plantation, asnow it is 53 acres of serene forests and tropical flowers and plants. You have well-traversed trails that lead you among lush fauna, while garden enthusiasts will also appreciate areas along the way where you can just sit down and relax while you breathe in the atmosphere. The main features of the forest include the vibrantly colored orchids, as well as the lively gingers and palms. After the tour, you can then relax at a small cafe.

These are just some of the attractions in Barbados, and you need to give in to their siren call once you get there. If you really want to have a good time in Barbados, don’t stay in your villa or hotel room throughout your stay.