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Best Cities to Live and Work In

If you have always dreamed of living and working abroad and want to immerse yourself in a new culture, we have compiled a list of the top cities that would be perfect for you to make the leap. These are the Best Cities to Live and Work for the large expat communities and offer plenty of employment opportunities.

  1. Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand is eager to welcome more skilled workers into the country, especially those under the age of 30. You can visit the country for six months without a visa and with some extra paperwork to be completed, it’s possible to be granted a stay for up to five years. If you’re unsure of whether you qualify, seek advice from immigration experts, such as Withers LLP.

Although the average income levels in New Zealand are lower than in the UK, expats can expect a high quality of living, a hot summer season and beautiful, awe-inspiring landscapes. A short ferry journey from Auckland’s waterfront are three islands that are perfect to explore. Rangitoto Island is a must-see, with its impressive volcanic landscape, lava caves and shipwrecks.


  1. Zurich, Switzerland

Many expats are drawn to Zurich for the financial benefits of living there. They usually enjoy more disposable income, more potential to save money and a strong potential for career progression. There are many large media companies and banks located there, many of which are multi-national and open job opportunities for foreigners.

Its vibrant city centre is a hub for lively bars, restaurants and cafés that attracts a young crowd. If you prefer a quieter scene, go to the charming, architecturally-stunning Old Town to sample some delicious confectioneries and explore the unique museums.


  1. Berlin, Germany

With Berlin holding second place as a city with the highest quality of life (with Tokyo taking the top spot), it is an eclectic and cosmopolitan spot for expats. Steeped in history, there are plenty of landmarks to visit, such as Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall Memorial.  The nightlife is unrivalled and their bars have no real closing times, serving drinks until the last person leaves!

Berlin offers a great start-up scene as it is a young, energetic and dynamic city. It is an ideal base for creatives and offers many co-working spaces across the city, making networking with like-minded people easier than ever.


If you have itchy feet and fancy leaving the British shores for a new adventure, consider these three cities to relocate. All of them offer excellent employment opportunities, a big community of expats to socialise with and fascinating culture to immerse yourself in.